List of Faculty Members

S. No. Photo Name of the faculty DesIgnation Qualification
  Dr. M. V. Ranghaswami

Professor & Dean

Ph.D., B.E(Ag), M.E(Ag)
Water Resources Development, Micro irrigation & Greenhouse Cultivation


Dr. N. Dhandapani


Ph.D (Agriculture Entomology (Biocontrol)
M.Sc. (Agriculture Entomology)
B.Sc. (Agriculture)

  Mr. D. Ganapathi

Assistant Professor

M.Tech (Farm power & Machinery)
B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering)

Dr. P. Karthikeyan

Assistant Professor - Sr. Grade

Ph.D. (Soil and Water Engineering)
M.Tech. (Soil and Water Conservation Engineering)
B.Tech. (Agricultural Engineering)

  Dr. S. Thangamani

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., (Soil and Water Engineering)
M.Tech., (Soil and Water Conservation Engineering)
B.Tech., (Agricultural Engineering)

  Dr. S. Marimuthu

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., (Agronomy)
M.B.A., (Marketing)
M.Sc., (Agronomy)
B.Sc., (Agriculture)

  Dr.P. Krishnakumar

Assistant Professor (Sr.Grade)

M.Tech(Agricultural processing and Food Engineering)
B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering)