List of Faculty Members

S. No. Photo Name of the faculty DesIgnation Qualification
  Dr. M. V. Ranghaswami

Professor & Dean

Ph.D., B.E(Ag), M.E(Ag)
Water Resources Development, Micro irrigation & Greenhouse Cultivation


Dr. N. Dhandapani


Ph.D (Agriculture Entomology (Biocontrol)
M.Sc. (Agriculture Entomology)
B.Sc. (Agriculture)

  Dr. V. Geetha

Assistant Professor - Sr. Grade

Ph.D. (Agrl. Engg.) - Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering,
M.Tech.(Agrl. Engg.) - Agricultural Process Engineering,


Dr. P. Karthikeyan

Assistant Professor - Sr. Grade

Ph.D. (Soil and Water Engineering)
M.Tech. (Soil and Water Conservation Engineering)
B.Tech. (Agricultural Engineering)

  Mr. D. Ganapathi

Assistant Professor

M.Tech (Farm power & Machinery)
B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering)
  Dr. S. Thangamani

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., (Soil and Water Engineering)
M.Tech., (Soil and Water Conservation Engineering)
B.Tech., (Agricultural Engineering)