Program Outcomes

The students of Aeronautical Engineering will come out with:


An ability to understand principles of mathematics, basic sciences and engineering.


An ability to apply knowledge of science and engineering principles to solve aeronautical engineering problems.


An ability to design and conduct experiments as well as analyze and interpret experimental data.
(d) An ability to analyze aircraft systems and components.
(e) An ability to design aircrafts to meet desired performance needs as well as design aircraft systems and components.
(f) An ability to use the Internet and modern engineering techniques, tools and software packages necessary for aeronautical engineering practice.
(g) An ability to make effective presentations, orally and in writing.
(h) An ability to work with others and to lead the team.
(i) An ability to recognize the importance of ethics in professional work.
(j) An ability to understand contemporary issues and to comprehend the impact of engineering solutions in a global and social context.
(k) A desire for continuous learning throughout the professional career.