Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Graduates of the B.E. Agricultural Engineering will be able to


Acquire adequate knowledge on mechanical, civil and electrical engineering to solve problems pertaining to agriculture


Acquire adequate knowledge on soil and water conservation engineering, farm power and machinery, and agricultural sciences to apply them to implement precision farming to increase the agricultural production. Also, they should be able to apply the knowledge acquired in agricultural process engineering to achieve value addition of agricultural commodities. In addition, they should be able to apply the knowledge acquired in bioenergy to utilize the renewable energy sources to meet the energy needs of the farms and to keep the environment safe


Acquire sound scientific and engineering knowledge that enable to analyze, design and create new innovative products and improvise overseas agricultural engineering technologies to suit Indian conditions as well as to provide engineering solutions to the problems in agricultural production to achieve food security


Acquire professional and effective communication skills, team work, marketing and financial management skills, and multidisciplinary approach and aspire for higher studies and work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams along with social and ethical responsibilities