Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)


To provide insight to students on principles and mechanisms and make students aware of the multi-disciplinary and integrated of various automobile and mechanical systems (Engines & machinery), aspects of engineering and life sciences, necessary for applications of automobile engineering


To provide students with fundamental knowledge and skills in designing, production, manufacturing and thermal engineering to enable and empower them to solve problems in modern industries
PEO 3 To inculcate scientific temper in students for designing and developing automobile and mechanical engineering solutions to the society
PEO 4 To familiarize students with professional issues like ethics, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and to aquitaine them with managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills and also to foster essential job related skills such as improved oral and written communication, group discussion and to develop working spirit in a team
PEO 5 To prepare students for higher education opportunities and also to inculcate in them a spirit of lifelong learning towards a successful professional career