Bio gas

Biogas from human & kitchen waste

To conserve environment and make use of human & kitchen wastes, the Bannari Amman Institute of Technology has constructed the toilet linked bio-methane gas plants (120 m³ & 90 m³ capacity) at a cost of Rs.22.00 lakhs and Rs.19.00 lakhs respectively for Gents & Ladies hostels. Both the plants have been functioning well from the date of commissioning since 2010 and the gas generated is used for cooking.

The human & kitchen waste is fed into the digester through the inlet pipe under gravity and it undergoes an anaerobic digestion in the digestion chamber.

It takes 2 to 4 weeks to digest the wastes depending on the temperature.

The nightsoil from 35-40 persons or kitchen waste of 200 to 250 kg per day is required for generating 1 cubic metre biogas.

Environmental benefits: Eco-friendly, technically appropriate & financially viable. Reduced the demand for LPG and also meets the energy needs of the people.

  • Environmental pollution is prevented
  • Health & personal hygiene are improved
  • Problem of global warming is addressed
  • Kitchen wastes are profitably disposed
  • Residual water from the gas plant is used for cultivation of crops