Program Outcomes (POs)

Students will be able to

PO 1

Understand the fundamentals of Science, Engineering and Technology courses.

PO 2

Apply the basic concepts to design, conduct, analyze and interpret the theoretical as well as experimental data.

PO 3

Demonstrate their ability to solve societal problems through Biotechnological approaches.

PO 4 Develop practical skills through laboratory training and operation of analytical instruments/equipments.
PO 5 Expand their skills to work as efficient member of a team.
PO 6 Accomplish effective communication skills.
PO 7 Gain the knowledge and skill necessary for entry-level placement in Biotechnology domain.
PO 8 Display their professional and ethical responsibilities required for lifelong learning.
PO 9 Pursue their higher education programs through competitive examinations.
PO 10 Acquire entrepreneurial attributes and show interest in venture opportunities to create employment opportunities.
PO 11 Embark the contemporary issues of society using their knowledge and skills acquired.
PO 12 Upgrade their interpersonal skills for leading good communal tasks in their career.