Funded Projects

S. NO. Name of the faculty Project Title Funding Agency year of sanction / Duration

grants received

  Dr. MalathiMahalingam Dipod, Tripod and tetrapod quinoline fluorescence chemosensor for transition metal ions - Preparation, characterization and binding analysis DST-SERB 2012-2015 25,25,000 Completed
  Dr. P. S. Vijayanand Synthesis, Characterization of novel conducting polymers as energy efficient materials CSIR 2012-2015 19,15,000 Completed
  Dr. R. Praveena Investigations  of  medicinal plants from Western Ghats for Flavonoids, Its antioxidant activity: Experimentsl and Theoretical validation DST, SERB Dec 2016 & Three years 15,88,950 On going