Laboratory Details with Infrastructure Facilities

Electronics Devices and Circuits Laboratory, Analog and Digital Communication Laboratory, Microprocessor and Microcontrollers Laboratory, DSP / Computer Laboratory, VLSI Laboratory, Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory, zMicrowave Laboratory, RF Laboratory, Optical Communication Laboratory, Medical Electronics Laboratory and Ph.D./PG Research Laboratory.

The laboratory are equipped with a whole range of Analog and Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analysers, Network Analysers, G.P.S. Kits, Advanced DSP Trainer Kits, VHF Function Generators, AM and FM Signal Generators, Microwave Test Benches (J and X Bands), Fiber Optical Video Link Kits, Interface Cards for Microprocessor Kits, Software Packages like ORCAD Capture with PSPICE, SIMULINK 4.1 version, MATLAB 6.5 version (each with 50 users license) Cadence Software (5 User License) and IE3D Electromagnetic Software along with more than 149 number of Intel PCs.

Free scale Embedded System Laboratory

BIT-Free scale Embedded System Laboratory is set up in ECE Department through a Letter of Understanding (LOU) with M/s Free scale Semiconductors, Bangalore, under University program to include Free scale processors in the autonomous curriculum of BIT and to conduct short-term courses related to embedded system for academicians and Industry people.

Free scale Semiconductor is a global leader in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors for the automotive, consumer, industrial, networking and wireless markets. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and has design, research and development, manufacturing or sales operations in more than 30 countries. Free scale creates versatile Student Learning Kits, which include hardware, software and training, instruction materials and technical support. These kits enable students and faculty members to learn topics, conduct projects and gain experience using Free scale technologies. In addition, Free scale offers exposure to cutting edge technology and skills that are demanded by the industry and will be invaluable when entering the workforce.

As per the LOU, M/s Free scale Semiconductor has agreed to invest Rs.4.5 lakhs per year for the period of FIVE years. M/s Free scale Semiconductor has donated 105 free scale embedded processor boards of worth Rs. 4.5 lakhs (US$9421) and Cash of Rs.3.15 lakhs for the academic year 2009-2010.The lab is established with Air conditioned space of 545 Sq. m to accommodate forty computers interfaced with processor boards. The Lab is equipped with Free scale processor boards like ,MCU 16 Bit HCS12 Application Module Student learning kit,MCU 32 Bit Cold fire Student learning Kit w/Ethernet ,Symphony DSP Development Kit ,Zigbee Application Module Student Learning Kit ,MCU project board,Power PC Boards ,Computers P IV.

Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory

Measurements and Instrumentation Lab is equipped with National Instruments product for Real time operations such as

  • NI Elvis/PCI-6251 Bundle (Academic use) which is used for Electronic System Desig
  • Software-Speedy-33 DSP 150 MHz VC33 II DSP Chip with 34KW on chip/512KW on Flash & Compact flash memory interface for standalone embedded DSP applications.
  • Camera NI 1722 Smart camera for Image Processing applications.
  • NI Compact DAQ Instrumentation Bundle which is used for real time Signal Processing which includes Analog input (+/- 10Vpp), Analog output(+/- 10Vpp), Digital Input, Digital Output, Thermocouple temperature module.

Laboratories Details

The department has well-equipped & spacious laboratories with all state-of-the-art facilities for experimentation at UG,PG & Ph.D levels. The major laboratories are:

Sl. No. Laboratory Name Area (Sq.m) Major Equipment / Software

PCB Design Laboratory


Orcad University PCB Design Bundle 50 User Licences
OrCad Capture
OrCad CIS Option
OrCAD PSpice Advanced Analysis
OrCAD PCB Designer Professional
OrCAD PCB SigXplorer


PCB Fabrication Laboratory


MITS Eleven Lab PCB & Antenna Prototype Machine with
Fiducial Camera
Vacuum Cleaner
Design PRO Software
Tool Bits (30 Nos)
Complete PTH System for Double side PCB & Antenna solution with required Chemicals


Liquid Crystal Laboratory


Nikon Polarizing Microscope
Nikon CCD System for Microscope
Nikon Image Software System
GuuINSTEK Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Agilent Impedance Analyzer
SHIMADZU Differential Scanning Calorimetry
INSTEC Standalone Temperature Controller
INSTEC Hot and cold stage
Abbe Refractometer
ABB  Bomem
HPIB M odule
SHIMADZU Single Pan Balance
Tektronix Arbitrary Function Generator
Keithley 6 ½ Digital Multimeter
American Power conversion 10 KVA Uninterrupted Power Supply


Microwave & RF Laboratory


Microwave Test Bench (X-band 8.2 to 12.4 GHz) – 1 lot with following components:
(6 Klystron Table+2 Gunn Table)(1 LOT) (11 Nos.)
Klystron Power Supply SKPS-610 (11 Nos.)
Klystron mount with tube XMS-251 (11 Nos.)
Isolator X1-621 (03 Nos.)
Gunn power supply GS610(03 Nos.)
Gunn oscillator XG-11 (03 Nos.)
Pin modulator XM-55 (12 Nos.)
Variable attenuator  XA 250 (12 Nos.)
Direct frequency meter XF-710 (12 Nos.)
Slotted section XS-651 (12 Nos.)               
Tunable probe XP-655 (10 Nos.)
Movable short XT-481 (02 Nos.)
Pin modulator XM-55 (06 Nos.)
Cross directional coupler XK-662 (04 Nos.)
Multi hole directional coupler (06 Nos.)
Y-circulator XC622 (06 Nos.)
Magic tee XE 350 (06 Nos.)
E-Plane tee XE 361 (06 Nos.)
H-Plane tee XE 365 (14 Nos.)
Matched termination XL-400 (14 Nos.)
Detector Mount  XD-451 (06 Nos.)
SS Tuner  XT 441 (13 Nos.)
Cooling fan CF 205 (04 Nos.)
Radiation pattern turn table XTB 105 (08 Nos.)
Pyramidal Horn XH 541 (02 Nos.)
Microstrip antenna XAM 1015 (02 Nos.)
Coaxial W/G adaptor XG 751 (02 Nos.)
Cable for microstrip antenna CB (02 Nos.)
Parabolic disc XPD 815(04 Nos.)
Solid dielectric cell XC 501 (01 Nos.)
Liquid dielectric cell XC 701 (01 Nos.)
(J-band 5 to 10 GHz) (01 Nos.)
Klystron power supply SKPS-610 (02 Nos.)
Power Meter, microwave RF model:E4418B (01 Nos.)
Power sensor 10mhz-18Ghz(-30 to +20dbm) (01 Nos.)
COMSOL Multiphysics,(FNL), MEMS module, RF module (03 Nos.)
Agilent 70MHz 2Channel Digital Storage oscilloscope (10 Nos.)


VLSI & ASIC Laboratory


1.Universal FPGA (03 Nos)
2. FPGA starter Kit (02 Nos)
Spartan 3 FPGA  & Its Accessories (04 Nos)
Printer-Dot matrix (01 Nos)
Universal FPGA/ CPLD kits (06 Nos)               
PMOD- RS232-  PMOD LSI (02 Nos)
PMOD HB 3-H Bridge W/feedback & PMODOCI (03 Nos)
Virtex 5 FPGA (3 Nos)
Spartan 6 FPGA (10 Nos)
Spartan 6 FPGA Advanced (02 Nos)
PMODMIC (02 Nos)
Microwind EDA Tool (25 Users)
OPTOMA  DLP Projector (01 Nos)
Xilinx Software (25 Users)
Dell Computer (16 Nos)
15 KVA UPS (01 Nos)     


Microcontroller Laboratory


8051 Microcontroller kit (15 Nos.)
PIC Microcontroller kit (17 Nos.)
MCU 16 bit HCS12 Application Module (30 Nos.)
MSP430 (12 Nos.)


Digital Electronics Laboratory


Digital trainer kit (16 bit I/O inbuilt clock and Dc power supply 5v) (15 Nos.)
Digital IC Tester (1 No.)


Microelectronics Laboratory


Function Generator  0-20MHZ (20 Nos.)
CRO - 30 MHz,240 AC (03 Nos.
Analog Oscilloscope 30MHz (05 Nos.)
Tektronix – Digital oscilloscope -60MHz (05 Nos.)
Dual Regulated power supplyAplab – 32V / 2A (07 Nos.)
Dual Regulated power supply Front line – 30V / 2A (08 Nos.)


Microprocessor Laboratory


8086Microprocessor Kit (17 Nos)
Stepper Motor Controller(05 Nos)
Cold fire(30 Nos)
Seven segment Interface-8279 board(04 Nos)


Communication Systems Laboratory


60MHz - DSO (6 Nos.)
Digital Storage Oscilloscope 150MHz 220VAC/1A (1 Nos.)
30 MHz CRO (13 Nos.)
Analog Oscilloscope, 50MHz (03 Nos.)
Regulated Power Supply – Single, +/- 32V (06 Nos.)
Regulated Power Supply – Dual -32V/ 2A (20 Nos.)
Fixed Power Supply +/-12V,+/-5V (05 Nos.)
Multimeter - Digital -3-1/2 digit Auto Ranging (13 Nos.)
Function Generator - 20MHZ (24 Nos.)
Software Matlab.CD Kit for PC & Unix Release 2006b (3CDs for Windows 3CDs for Unix) (50 Nos.)


Digital Communication Laboratory


Antenna System Trainer Kit (1 Nos.)
Aplab 1 Ghz Spectrum Analyser With Tracking Generatormodel No : SA 3011 S.No: 0427015 (1 Nos.)
RF Lab Training Kit (23 modules) (1 Nos.)
10MHz - 1.15GHz RF Signal (Source model RFS 01) (04 Nos.)
Noise generator (5-300MHz) Level flatness with 3db upto 1GHz,RF Level 50db, o/p Impedance 50ohm (01 Nos.)
Analog signal sampling kits 1Hz-2KHz,+/-1112V,5V (03 Nos.)
TDM-PAM modulator and demodulator 250Hz-2KHz,+/-12V,+5V (03 Nos.)
PCM transmitter, receiver 1KHz-10KHz +/-12V,+5V (03 Nos.)
Data conditioning & carrier modulation Transmitter 500KHz-1MHz,+/-12V,+5V (03 Nos.)
Data conditioning & de modulation Receiver kit+/- 12V,+5V (03 Nos.)
Delta/Adaptive delta modulation and demodulation kit -1Hzto 1KHz,+(0-4Vp-p) (03 Nos.)
PAM-PWM-PPM modulation & demodulation -1Hzto 10KHz,+(0-2Vp-p) (02 Nos.)
Amplitude Modulation Transmitter Kit (02 Nos.)
Amplitude demodulation  Receiver Kit (02 Nos.)
Frequency modulation Transmitter kit (02 Nos.)


Digital Image Processing Laboratory


Software Matlab.CD kit for Pc & Unix Release 2007 A (20 Nos.)
PC/CORE 2 DUO E45002 2 GHZ 2 MB CACHE (20 Nos.)


Computer Networks Laboratory


DCT-03 data communication trainer (5 Nos.)
LTS-01 LAN Trainer  (1Nos), LAN connecting cable (6nos), L-Sim LAN Simulator (5 Nos.)
Wireless LAN Accessories  USB Adapter (4 Nos), Access point (1) (1 Nos.)
N- Sim Network Simulator Software (11 Nos.)
I- SECURIT Network and Data Security Training System (1 Nos.)
Software- “Net SIM”, Networking 15- User License Academic Version-“TETCOS” (1 Nos.)
Qualnet 5.0.2 Teaching license Network Simulator(5 Nos.)
Exara 4.1 Research license Network Emulator (1 Nos.)


Optical Communication Laboratory


Optical and LASER (01 Nos.)
660 nm Power meter (05 Nos.)
Fiber optic communication kit – Link A (04 Nos.)
Advanced Fiber optic communication kit – Link B (01 Nos.)
Fiber optic passive components module consisting of WOM attenuator, Isolator- FOM 2 (01 Nos.)
Single mode fiber optical cable 100Mtrs,1km – FOM3B (01 Nos.)
Chromatic dispersion module –
FOM-4 (01 Nos.)
Colour DSO 100MHz 1GS/swith FFT (01 Nos.)
Fiber optic power meter(01 Nos.)
Dual wave length fiber optic laser source at 1310nm &1550nm (01 Nos.)


PG VLSI Laboratory


Xillinx/14.2 ISE (25 Users)
Cadence (20 Users)


PG Applied Electronics Laboratory


HCS S12X Application module (30 Nos.)
Coldfire (30 Nos.)
PIC Microcontroller (17 Nos.)
Personal Computer (25 Nos.)
ARM kit (08 Nos.)
Xillinx/14.2 ISE (25 Users)
FPGA kit (15 Nos.)


PG Communication Laboratory


DCT 03 Data Communication Trainer (5 Nos)
LTS-01 LAN Trainer (5 Nos)
L SIM Software Protocol Simulator (5 Nos)
NET SIM software (15 Nos)
File Server (1 Nos)
Matlab 7 (10 Users)
Qualnet 5.0 (5 Users)


PG Embedded Systems Laboratory


ARM Programming and Interfacing LPC2378 (8 Nos)
PIC 16F877A interfacing board (10 Nos)
Cold fire MCF52233 (20 Nos)
Personal Computer with Keil µvision and Proteus 7 Professional software installed (18 Nos)