Yoga, Music & Psychology


Students learn yoga by trainers from World Community Service Centre, Aliyar. It helps them physically be fit and more focused on studies. They are able to commune with people very easily understanding self and others. In today’s scenario, social skill is one of the most important employability skills. Advanced yoga is offered as one credit course in the second year by which students acquire self confidence to face critical challenges in life.

Music: “If music be the food of love, Play on” - Shakespeare

Music fine tunes the soul in line with the good spirit. It also adorns the mind and lifestyle of an individual to draw vivid goals in their lives.  Regular music classes are conducted by experts to enhance the sublime confidence.

Counseling: “Where the mind is without fear …” - Tagore

Professional counselors are made available to address any chronic & acute physiological and psychological ailments amongst students. Regular counseling sessions are conducted by counselors to help students free themselves from exam anxieties, age-related issues, and any other personal issues that need counseling. In addition, sessions / lectures are also organized to throw light on prevailing social issue, and the ways and means of protecting themselves from such issues.