The Department of Languages carves a niche for linguistic elegance of the student community by offering a plethora of languages such as German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and English. In this modern era, it has become an ineluctable attribute to elevate one’s stature on par with global standards. With a view to providing cosmopolitan ambience to our students, this noble task of enhancing the linguistic competency in these languages has been initiated. The fragrance of linguistic exuberance permeates towards technological luminescence. Native Language Instructors offer training to the students with great passion. Prolific pedagogy practiced by the Native Language Trainers invigorates the students to acquire the linguistic proficiency in the language of their study. In addition, the endeavours of the department accelerate towards academic buoyancy which in turn will attain prosperous employability.


  • Ph.D. / M.S. (By Research) - Science & Humanities (English)
    (Full Time / Part Time)

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