PO 1

Able to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering and technology to solve complex problems related to food processing and preservation.

PO 2

Able to identify, formulate and analyze engineering problems using the knowledge of Basic Mathematics and Engineering Sciences.

PO 3 Able to design food processing equipments that meets the industry needs.
PO 4 Able to investigate and rectify the problems in food industries with respect to production, processing and packaging Systems.
PO 5 Able to use latest techniques and software tools to solve food industrial problems.
PO 6 Able to gain knowledge on contemporary issues which threatens the food safety and ensure the food security.
PO 7 Able to implement Food safety Systems for real time applications
PO 8 Able to develop confidence for self education and understanding the value for life-long learning.
PO 9 Able to work efficiently as an individual and in multidisciplinary teams.
PO 10 Able to communicate effectively and efficiently both in verbal and written form.
PO 11 Able to demonstrate the professional and ethical responsibilities.
PO 12 Able to be a successful entrepreneur in food and allied areas.
PO 13 Awareness on society and environment to have sustainable solution for food technological problems.