Short-Term Courses & Value-Added Courses Organised

S. no. Date Name of the Programme Name of the Speaker / Convener & details

14.09.2016 to 16.09.2016

One Credit Course on Fashion Draping

Mr. Bhoomaiah bandi
HOD, Fashion Design at ICAT, Bengaluru and Design Head at Yotsna Designs
Private Limited, Bengaluru


08.04.2016 to 09.04.2016

One Credit Course on Fabric Development and Sourcing

Mrs. R. Geethamalini, Sr. Fabric Technologist,

M/s. Ralph Lauren, Bangalore


15.11.2015 to 19.12.2015

Indian Apparel and Textile Practicum

Department of Fashion Technology, BIT and New Zealand Institute of Fashion Technology, New Zealand
  03.11.2015 to 04.11.2015 One Credit Course on Fashion Portfolio Mr. Srinivas Dhoddusmy,
Director, DAC Clothing Ltd, Salem
  18.05.2015 to 31.05.2015 AICTE sponsored FDP on Technical Textiles and Garment Dr. R. Perumalraj, Professor, Dept. of FT, BIT
  06.04.2015 One Credit Course on Buyers Manual Ms. Priya Prabhakar,
Asst. Manager in Merchandising, Laguna Clothing, Bangalore
  09.01.2015 to 10.01.2015 Value Added Course on Adobe Photoshop Mr. V. Nithyaprakash, Assistant Professor - Sr. Grade, Dept. of FT, BIT
  25.09.2014 to 26.09.2014

Soft Toys & Doll Making

Ms. R. Kalpana & Team, Thurika Kalaikoodam, Coimbatore