Students Projects

Academic Year 2015 - 2016

Name of the Student(s)

Title of the Project

A. Manithra
V. Sivasakthi

Sustainable Garment Development and Analysis

R. Pagalavan
S. Swethameenakshi

Productivity Improvement Using Kanban
S. Hema Harshini Design and Development of Cruise Wear for Indian Scenario

N. Aarthi
A. Veeramani

Trend Research In Mens Casual Tops

R. Gangadharan
M. Prakathi

Reuse of Bleached Liqour

S. Priyanayaki
G. Raghul

Six Way Convertible Womens Trouser

S. Vinosowndharya
N. Keerthanaa

Fusing of Varsity Look With Tropical Look In Womens Casuals
K. Suvetha Resort Wear for South India
B. Ellakya Development of Pattern Design Using Biomechanical Concepts for Cycling Wear