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The Department of Mathematics offers mathematics instruction to Undergraduate and Post-graduate students in all disciplines. The Department strives to maintain an environment that enhances the learning of mathematics and contribute to the vitality of mathematics as a living discipline through Courses offering, Seminars, Colloquia, Research and Public service.

The Department attempts to expose students to new and useful concepts to relate their area of interest and to develop their ability to solve problems.


To aspire highest standards of excellence in teaching engineering mathematics as strong mathematical background is fundamentally important for all engineering students.

To be a source for the promotion of analytical thinking, mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

To provide an intellectually stimulating, challenging and supportive learning environment for the students.

To contribute to the discipline by fundamental research in pure and applied mathematics and statistics.


To carry out application based teaching of mathematics that enhances the learning capacity, promotes the academic achievement and enhances the personal growth of students.

To provide the setting for the students to become acquainted with the elementary tools of mathematics and the techniques for solving complex engineering problems and designing mathematical modelling for systems involving global technology.

To make learning experience more entertaining for every student and to encourage inquisitive minds to explore more.

Curriculum & Syllabi

Infrastructure Facilities

Faculty & Staff

Seminars, Conferences, Workshops & Etc.

Physics laboratory

Major Equipments

  1. Energy Band gap Kit
  2. Carey-Foster's Bridge
  3. Compound Pendulum
  4. Diode Laser
  5. Fiber Optic Kit
  6. Helium Neon Laser
  7. Kundt's Tube
  8. Lee's Disc Apparatus
  9. Melde's Apparatus
  10. Potentiometer
  11. Reading Telescope
  12. Resonance Column Apparatus
  13. Series, Parallel Resonance Kit
  14. Sonometer
  15. Spectrometer
  16. Torsion Pendulum
  17. Travelling Microscope
  18. Ultrasonic Interferometer
  19. Viscosity Apparatus

Chemistry laboratory

Major Equipments

  1. Double Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
    Double Beam Spectrofluorometer
    BOD Incubator with stabilizer
  2. Constant temperature water bath 28 litre
  3. Digital Conductivity meter with cell
  4. Digital Universal Auto Titrator
  5. Digital Conductivity meter with inbuilt magnetic stirrer
  6. Digital pH Meter with combined electrode MK-VI
  7. Digital pH Meter with electrode 361
  8. Dissolved oxygen meter
  9. Electronic digital potentiometer
  10. Electronic top pan balance
  11. Heating Mantle with regulator
  12. Hot air oven
  13. Magnetic Stirrer with Regulator
  14. Micro controller based spectrophotometer (320-990nm)
  15. Microprocessor based Flame photometer
  16. Platinum Electrode
  17. Reference Electrode (Calomel)
  18. Refrigerator
  19. Silver Electrode
  20. UV lab Kit.
  21. Viscometer (Ostwald & Ubbelohde)
  22. Water bath with regulator six holes
  23. Zinc Electrode