Academic Year 2017-2018

S. NO. Name of the Faculty Name of the Programme Organization date

M Ponmurugan

FDP on Communication skills


30-10-2017 & 31-10-2017


K Ramachandra Raju

FDP201x - Pedagogy for Online and Blended Teaching - Learning Process

BIT (RC) / IIT Bombay



Mr. I. S. Gokul

DBT sponsored  national seminar on “innovative approaches for diagnosis and control of cardiac arrest” 


22.09.2017 to 23.09.2017


Mr. M .Ponmurugan

DBT sponsored  national seminar on “innovative approaches for diagnosis and control of cardiac arrest” 


22.09.2017 to 23.09.2017

Academic Year 2016-2017

S. NO. Name of the Faculty Name of the Programme Organization date

Ms. N. Nandhini

One-week short term course under COE (TEQIP - II) on advanced materials and processing

National Institute of Technology, Durgapur

06.03.2017 to 10.03.2017


Dr. G. Rajamurugan

Short term course on Induction melting furnace



Dr. A. Megalingam
Dr. M. Sivakumar
Mr. A. Ramakrishnan

Training Programme on Hyperworks


31.01.2017 to 02.02.2017


Mr. S Madheswaran
Mr. R Selvanagayam

FDP on Communication Skills


30.01.2017 to 01.02.2017


Mr. A. D. Pradeep
Mr. S. Manojkumar

Sintering and Sinter free Processing of Ceramics

IIT, Madras

02.01.2017 to 08.01.2017


Mr. S. Velmurugan
Mr. A. Ramakrishnan

Short term training on Computational research techniques using MATLAB

NIT, Warangal

26.12.2016 to 31.12.2016


Dr. K. Arasu

Finite Element Method Users Meet

Vikram Sarabhai Space Cetnre, Trivandrum

10.12.2016  to 12.12.2016


Mr. S. Ram Prakash

Gain Course

IIT, Madras

05.12.2016 to 10.12.2016


Mr. S. Vigneshkumr
Mr. J. Vinothkumar
Mr. S. Madheswaran
Mr. C. Subramaniyan
Mr. D. Selvaumuthukumaran
Mr. N. Bhuvanesh
Ms. N. Nandhini
Mr. S. Arivazhagan
Mr. Tajdeeen
Mr. Ramachandra Raju
Mr. Rajiev
Mr. Ram Prakash

COINDIA Training

BIT, Sathy

28.11.2016 to 06.12.2016


Lt. Dr. Kalil Rahiman
Prof. M. Nandhagopal

FDP on “Internal Audit Training programme”

BIT, Sathy

28.11.2016 to 29.11.2016


Mr. D. K. Lakshminarayan
Mr. D. Selvamuthukumaran

Quality Conclave 2016

The Coimbatore Productivity Council



Lt. Dr. Kalil Rahiman
Dr. T. Ramesh kumar
Prof. M. Nandhagopal

FDP on “ISO Awareness  Training Programme”

BIT, Sathy



Mr. S. Darish Jeswin Dhas

FDP on “GIAN Course on Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method “.

IIT, Madras 

14.11.2016 to 18.112016


Dr. S. Jayalakshmi

Short Course on ‘Tribology of Soft-Matters: Biotribology, Microsystems and Automotive Applications’

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi


  Mr. Darish Jeswin Dhas FDP on “Multibody Dynamics Simulation using ADAMS” PSG College of Tchnology, CBE 8.08.2016 & 19.08.2016
  Dr. T. Ramesh Kumar Workshop on “Outcome-Based Education (OBE) for HEI", CII, CBE 6.08.2016

Dr. K. Arasu

National Conference on Recent Trends in Mechancial Engineering (NCRTME – 2016)

Walchand College of Enginering, Sangli

04.07.2016 & 05.07.2016


Mr. B. Kalidasan

workshop on “Challenges and Opportunities in Solar Energy Collection, Storage and Utilization”

VIT University, Vellore

29.07.2016 & 30.07.2016


Mr. S. Manojkumar

FDP on Recent Advances in Nanomaterials for Energy, Environment and Health

PSG College of Technology, Cbe

20.07.2016 to 23.07.2016


Mr. M. Sivakumar

FDP on Recent Advances in Finite Elements Methods to Solve Complex Engineering Probles

NIT, Calicut

19.07.2016 to 25.07.2016


Mr. S. Darish Jeswin Dhas

FDP on “ Finite Element Method and its Applications”

PSG college of technology, Cbe

10.07.2016 to 16.07.2016


Mr. M. Kumar

8th Summer School in Tribology

IISC, Bangalore

25.07.2016 to 29.07.2016

Academic Year 2015-2016
S. NO. Name of the Faculty Name of the Programme Organization date
  Mr. A. D. Pradeep International Machine Tool Exhibition – BIT Stall i2 Academic Pavilion – IMTEX 2016 21.01.2016 to 26.01.2016
  Mr Anandha Moorthy A Faculty Development Programme” Train the trainers programme for foundation skills in integrated product development CIT, CBE – TEQIP – II Sponsored 19.01.2016 to 23.01.2016
  Mr Surendar V Faculty Development Program” Inspired and Integral Education” BIT, Sathy 18.12.2015 to 19.12.2015

Dr Ravi Kumar M
Lt Kalil Rahiman M
Ms Maragatha
Meenatchi S
Mr Sundarmahalingam A
Mr Ayyasamy C
Mr Ponmurugan M
Mr Gokul L S
Mr Rajesh Kanna P
Dr Kumarasan G
Mr Vinoth kumar J

Faculty Development Program “ Source Material Preparation for Thermal Engineering” BIT, Sathy

16.12.2015 to 18.12.2015

  Mr Surendar V One week short term course under quality improvement Programme on Occupational Health, Safety and Security Management in Engineering Industry CIT, Coimbatore 07.12.2015 to 13.12.2015
  Mr Ayyasamy C Faculty Development Programme Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore 02.12.2015 to 09.12.2015
  Mr Laxminarayanan D K Profitability Through small Group Activites The Coimbatore Productivity Council, Coimbatore 13th May 2015
  Mr Senthilkumar P MATLAB & Simulink for Engineering Education Mathworks India Pvt. Ltd. Coimbatore 10.02.2015
  Mr Sundar Raju G Course on Stainless Steel IIT-Madras, Chennai 2 Days

Arivu Y
Velumurugan S
Sureshkumar M
Selvanayagam R
Yuvaraj D

Phase-I Training Programme (CATIA V5 Training )

BIT, Sathy

25.11.2014 & 01.12.2014


Arundeep M

Optimization and its application

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli

10.11.2014 & 11.11.2014


Prakash E
Anandha Moorthi A
Senthil Kumar P
Nandha Gopal M
Suresh Kumar M
Kumar M
Arivu Y
Velumurugan S

Regression based mathematical modeling: Synthesis and implementation for engineering research

BIT, Sathy

07.11.2014 &  08.11.2014


Dr Baskaran V
Mr Kumar M
Mr Sathishkumar C
Mr Tajdeen A
Mr Ponmurugan M
Mr Arivu Y
Mr Ayyasamy C
Mr Rajiev R
Mr Manojkumar S
Mr Anandha Moorthy A
Mr Ramakrishnan A
Mr Mathan Kumar P

Corrosion Evaluation of Engineering Materials

BIT, Sathy

One day


Mr. Velmurugan S

National Workshop Application of Robotics in manufacturing Industry

Anna University, Guindy

26.09.2014 & 27.09.2014


Mr Prakash E

4th International Conference on Additive Manufacturing Technologies – 2014

Nimhans Convention Centre, Bangalore, India

01.09.2014 & 02.09.2014

Academic Year 2013-2014
S.NO. Name of the Faculty Name of the Programme Organization date

N Santhosh

Advance Level Robot Training Program

BIT, Sathy

04.04.2014 & 09.04.2014


Dr Raja Murugan G
Dr Megalingam @ Murugan A

Faculty Development  Programme on Entrepreneurship

BIT, Sathy

10.03.2014 to 15.03.2014


Dr Jegadheeswaran S

MEXTREME 14 - Acted as Chairperson for the Technical paper Presentation sessions

Nandha College of Technology, Erode



Dr Uvaraja V C
Mr Kumar M
Mr Sathishkumar C

Research Focus on Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation of Composite Materials

Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, Erode



Mr Velmurugan S
Mr Sureshkumar M

3D Printing & Allied Technologies

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay at Mumbai

19.02.2014 to 21.02.2014


Dr Amarkarthik A
Mr Prabhukumar V

Computational Fluid dynamics

BIT, Sathy

11.02.2014 to 22.02.2014


Prof  Nandagopal M
Mr Senthilkumar P

EIS Technova 2013

Tata consultancy Services Ltd., Siruseri, Chennai

1day 20.12.2013


Dr Sivakumar K

CII National conclave on Higher Education 2013

CII, Coimbatore.



Mr Velmurugan P

TEQIP II- FDP on Incubating Potential Renewable Energy Technologies for Automotive Industry

Department of Automobile Engineering, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore

18.11.2013 to 24.11.2013


Mr Prakash E
Mr Nagaraja M, 
Mr   Tajdeen A  &
Mr   Arundeep M

Industry Institute Conclave Program

L&T, Coimbatore



Mr Kalil Rahiman M

Faculty Development Programme

IRTT, Erode

03.06.2013 to 16.06.2013

Academic Year 2012-2013
S. NO. Name of the Faculty Name of the Programme Organization date

Dr Baskaran V
Dr Ravikumar M
Dr Rajamurugan G
Prof Sasikumar C
Prof Senthilkumar G

Digital Class Room Demo,
Conducted by: Person Education Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

BIT, Sathy



Dr Rajamurugan G
Prof Megalingam @ Murugan A
Mr Mathankumar P
Mr Nagaraja M
Mr Senthilkumar P

Scientific Learning Skills

BIT, Sathy



Prof.Sivakumar M

Launch of Engineering Design Skill Contest(Theme: Integrated Product Development)

Innovent Simulation Ideas
Venue: CAG-Pride, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore



Mr Nandagopal M
Mr Sengottuvelan M

Industrial Training

V.R.Foundries, Peelamedu, Coimbatore.

07.01.2013 &  08.01.2013


Mr Santhosh N

Faculty Development Programme  on Control Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Amritanagar, Coimbatore

02.01.2013 to 04.01.2013


Dr     Sivakumar K
Dr     Senthilkumar K L
Dr     Baskaran V
Dr     Ravi Kumar M
Prof   Senthilkumar G
Prof   Sivakumar M
Dr      Jegadheeswaran  S
Mr     Amarkarthik A

Max Academic Programme on How to guide students to Excel in studies, Mechanical Seminar Hall, BIT, Sathy.

BIT, Sathy



Prof Nandagopal M

Into the Thinking Maps

Confederation of Indian Industry Coimbatore Zone


Academic Year 2011-2012
S. NO. Name of the Faculty Name of the Programme Organization date

Dr K Sivakumar

Southern Region Conclave on Valve Technology 2012

CII, Coimbatore




ISTE Sponsored two weeks workshop on “Heat Transfer” IRTT, Erode 29.11.11 to 10.12.11

Prof M Ravikumar
Mr S Vetrivel

Two days National Level Workshop on Pursuing Effective Research in Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Knowledge institute of Technology, Salem

18.11.2011 &


Prof M Sivakumar

ANSYS Academic Users Conference 2011

ANSYS India (P) Ltd.,



Mr A Anandha Moorthy

Two days workshop on Recent trends in Composite Materials and its Processing

KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore





Hybrid & Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and Competing Automotive Power Trains

PSG College of Technology,

23.09.11 & 24.09.11




One day National workshop on “Research Issues in Reinforced Materials”

Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Kalasalingam University, Virudhunagar.





National Seminar on “Tribology in Materials”




Mr. E.Prakash


One day National workshop on” Rapid Prototyping and Tooling”




Mr E Prakash

Kick Starting the Entrepreneurial Campus Courses

National Entrepreneurship Network, India
(PSG Institute of Technology, Coimbatore)

14.07.11 to 16.07.11


Prof M Sivakumar

“Computational Intelligence for Modeling and Optimization of Manufacturing System”

AICTE Sponsored Two Weeks Staff Development Programme on BIT, Sathy

06.06.11 to 18.06.11


Mr S Boopathi


Mr E Prakash


Mr A Vadivel


Mr K Maheshkumar


Mr S Vetrivel


Mr M Nandagopal


Mr S Maragatha Meenatchi


Mr M Sengottuvelan


Mr S Prabhakaran


Mr A D Pradeep


Mr E Prakash

Orientation Program for “NEN Faculty Leaders”

Dr G R Damodaran College of Science, Coimbatore, conducted by National Entrepreneurship Network.



M Kalil Rahiman

Micro Machining & Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Adhiyamaan College of Engineering, Hosur.

13.06.11 to 27.06.11

Academic Year 2010-2011
S. NO. Name of the Faculty Name of the Programme Organization date

Dr K Sivakumar

AICTE Sponsored one day seminar on “Implementation of Effectiveness of Industry Institute Partnership Cell”

Dr Mahalingam college of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi.



Mr K Maheshkumar

One day Training Program on “Industrial Safety & Fire Safety”

Coimbatore Productivity Council, Coimbatore



Mr S Ramakrishnan

One day workshop on “Research Developments in IC Engines and Alternative Fuels”

Ramakrishna Engineering College



Mr A Vadivel


Mr K Maheshkumar


Prof M Ravi Kumar

Two day workshop on “Advances in Automotive Engineering”,

Department of Mechanical Engineering

BIT, Sathy

25.02.11 to 26.02.11


Mr M Kalil Rahiman

Mr M Ashok Kumar
Mr K Maheshkumar

Mr A Vadivel


Dr K Sivakumar

Faculty study Mission to Bangalore

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Chennai.

10.02.11 &



Dr R Saravanan

National Workshop on Issues in Intelligent Manufacturing Systems and Evolving a Development Framework

Department of Mechanical Engineering, PSG College of Technology & PSG Institute of Advanced Studies, Coimbatore.

14.02.11 & 15.02.11


Prof M.Sivakumar

Two days Workshop on Application of Intelligent Optimization Techniques Using MATLAB – 7.0, Department of Mechanical Engineering

BIT, Sathy

07.01.11 to 08.01.11

Mr S Boopathy

FDP on “Non – Traditional Techniques for Structural Optimization”

Organized by Department of Civil Engineering

BIT, Sathy 07.12.10 to 21.12.10

Mr S Boopathi

One day Workshop on “Advanced Training on Mitsubishi Wire EDM”

Centre for Advanced Tooling & Precision Dies, PSG Institute of Advanced Studies and MC Craftsman, Coimbatore



Mr A Amarkarthik

Short Term course on, “Reliability in offshore structures”

Department of Ocean Engineering, IITM, Chennai

22.11.10 to 26.11.10


Mr M Kalil Rahiman

FDP on “Engineering Trends in Alternative Fuels and Emission Control Techniques for IC Engines

Department of Automobile engineering, Institute of Road and Transport Technology, Erode

24.11.10 to 07.12.10


Dr K Sivakumar

Mr S Ramesh

40th ISTE National Annual Convention 2010

Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi

2.12.10 to 4.12.10


Dr K Sivakumar

Mr K Maheshkumar

Fire Safety and Life Saver Programme

Jointly organized by

Usha Security Equipments & Bannari Amman School




Mr P Velmurugan

Innovators’ Camp for Technopreneur Promotion Programme (TEPP)

PSG-STEP, TePP Outreach Centre, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore



Mr A Vadivel

Staff Development Programme on “Instructional Design and Delivery System”

BIT, Sathy

07.07.10 to 09.07.10