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Mr. V. Satheeshkumar

Sri Krishna College of Engineering and technology

Faculty achievement award for obtaining 100% result.

  Mrs. K. K. Megavarthini CSI-Coimbatore Chapter III Price
  Mr. S. Vignesh

International conference organized by KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore and MOKPO National University, South Korea

Best Paper

  Mr. S. Vignesh

For excellence in leadership and documentation from Dr Raja Rajan, Vice President

Leader: Setting a Trend

  Mr. S. Vignesh

For showing dedication and involvement for three years continuously

Best Coordinator

  Mr. S. Vignesh

For excellence in social service and dedicated work towards the betterment of the society

Young find of the year

  Mr. S. Vignesh

For showing effective leadership skills

EQuIP Award