Funded Projects

Funded Projects

S. NO. Name of the faculty Project Title Funding Agency year of sanction / Duration

grants received

1 Dr. K. Sadasivam Investigations of Medicinal Plants from Western Ghats for Flavonoids, 
Its Antioxidant Activity: Experimental and 
Theoretical Validation
DST SERB 3 Years (2016-2019) 15.89 Lakhs On Going
2 Dr. V. N. Vijayakumar
Synthesis of hydrogen bonded ferroelectric liquid crystals for optical modulator and shutter DAE- BRNS- Mumbai 2016-2019
(3 Years)
10.28 Lakhs On Going

Dr. V. N. Vijayakumar

Efficient Optical and Energy Storage Assets of Hydrogen Bonded Supramolecular Liquid Crystals

New Delhi

(3 Years)

19.15 Lakhs

On Going

4 Dr. K. Senthil DST - INSPIRE Internship – Science Camp2016 DST, New Delhi 23-27, Feb 2016

6.50 Lakhs