Seminars, Conferences & Workshops Organized

Seminars, Conferences & Workshops Organized


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Three-day International Conference on Advanced Materials Science and Technology (ICAMST-2017) DST & DRDO 17.08.2017 to 19.08. 2017
One-day Training Programme NHRC 30.05.2016
INSPIRE Science Camp for School Children DST- INSPIRE 23.02.2016 to 27.02.2016
ISTE- STTP on Physics IIT Bombay 08.12.2015 to 18.12.2015
FDP on Phycics BIT 16.07.2015 to 17.07.2015
Science Day celebration BIT 28.02.2015

Workshop on Advanced Instrumental Methods Of Engineering Materials (AIMEM)


18.10.2014 to 19.10.2014

Science Day celebration BIT 28.02.2014