Paper Format

All the papers are accepts only in IEEE format. Extended version of selected papers will be invited for Journal publication.

Call For Papers:

Recent advances in Embedded systems and Mobile technologies are paving the way for the next revolution in computing is called Ubiquitous Computing. The technology trends across the globe are pointing in this direction to make intelligent devices, all pervasive and effectively invisible to the user. The aim of this Conference is to provide an opportunity for bringing together various experts, researchers and persons from industry to discuss state-of-the-art in Recent Trends in Information and Ubiquitous Computing Communication Technology. Extended version of selected papers will be invited for Journal publication. (Papers Should be Strictly Follow the IEEE format). The Technical sessions of the conference consist of invited talks and original contributory papers reporting theoretical and experimental research, development, design, testing and measurement work.

Papers Not Limited to:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

2. Optimization Techniques

3. Data Mining and Data Warehousing

4. Network Security

5. Ubiquitous Computing

6. Protocol Standards

7. Communication Architectures

8. Mobile Computing

9. Embedded Systems

10. Image Processing

11. Nano Technology

12. Grid Computing

13. Cloud Computing

14. Parallel and Distributed Computing

15. Pervasive Computing

16. Sensor Networks and Applications

17. Big data analytics

18. Internet of Things

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