Program Outcomes


The graduates will become familiar with fundamentals of various science and technology subjects and thus acquire the capability to applying them.


The graduates will be able to apply the basic concepts to design and translate the design into prototype / product and also to analyze & interpret data related to textile design, manufacturing and quality analysis.


 The graduates will demonstrate their ability to solve technical problems via technical approaches, self study, team work and life-long learning approaches.
(d) Graduates will have requisite laboratory skills, and will become familiar with the use of various modern analytical equipments this in turn would make them be knowledgeable for future research aspirations.
(e) The graduates develop skills to be effective members of a team.
(f) The graduates will demonstrate effective English-language communication skills.
(g) Graduates will become equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level placement in both TT as well as IT companies.
(h) The graduates will develop capacity to understand professional and ethical responsibility and will display skills required for continuous and life-long learning and up gradation.
(i) The graduates will have sound foundation for entering into higher education programmes.
(j) Graduates can become job-givers rather than just job-seekers.
(k) The graduates are expected to have knowledge of contemporary issues and modern practices.