• Aerodynamic laboratory

    1. Lift and drag estimation of various aerodynamic models by three component external balance
    2. Determination of aerodynamic flow characteristics of various models using pressure scanner.
    3. Flow visualization studies on low speed flow over various models using smoke, tuft and chemical coating method.

    MAJOR EQUIPMENTS: Type of tunnel: low speed, open circuit, suction type
    Test Section : 600mm X 600mm X 1000mm long
    Test velocity range: 4 to 30m/s
    Contraction ratio: 9
    Drive: Axial flow fan driven by AC motor with VFD controller, digital speed indicator and control unit, 10HP, 1440RPM.
    Overall size: Length : 10m, Width: 1.5m, Height : 2m(approx)
    Material of construction : Teak Wood
    Power requirement : 415V, 3ph, 50Hz.

    • Flight Simulation Laboratory


    1. Demonstrate the Complete Flight Profile with Auto-Pilot Module.

    2. Analyse the flight paramerts in all Manuevering conditions.

    Make : Ray Dynamics Model : CESSNA 172 Trainer
    Flight Instructor Station with Avionics Panel.
    GPS and Auto-pilot Module installed.
    Data Acquisition System with Real Time Instruments

  • Make : D S Engineering Works Model :Vibration exciter Range:0-30Mhz Mesurement:Displacement, velocity and acceleration Display : Oscilloscope


    Isoclinic and isochromatic fringe pattern for circular and beam specimens

    • Aircraft Structure and Repair Laboratory

    TIG Welding Machine
    WIM Welding Machine HF Pulse TIG with 500P



    1. Developing weld joint using TIG Welding

    2. In-house fabrication (Models & Setup)

    • Aircraft System LABORATORY

    Models to get ready before they flaunt a dress that a designer has styled, green rooms (dressing rooms) for male and female separately is present back stage.

  • Turbojet Engine
    Twin Spool, Axial Flow Compressor, Can Annular Combustion, Exhaust with Afterburner
    Piston Engine

    1. 6 cylinders- Horizontally Opposed type
    2. Horizontally Opposed type cylinder arrangement
    3. without Cut Section
    Landing Gear Actuation System & Fuel Clogging System
    1. Hydraulic System: (Landing Gear Actuation System) Includes: Hydraulic Reservoir (tank), Hydraulic Fluid 30liters, Strainer, 1 hp Motor, Gear Pump, Selector valve with Pressure controller, double acting Actuation Cylinder, Return Filter, End effectors (landing gear Actuation System). Electrical Panel Board.
    2. Filter clogging: High wing tanks, gravity feed system cum pressure feed pumps for each tank, carbon filters, RO hoses with T & L unions, pressure adjuster, Atomizer with 0.5mm hole"
    Cessna Aircraft
    Model 150M
    Lycoming -0235-l2c
    4 cylinders - 110 hp
    2 fixed pitch propeller
    38 gallon fuel tank


    1.Pressure test to assess hydraulic external/internal leakage

    2. Pressure test procedure on fuel system components

    3.Demonstraion of Hydraulic filter system

    4. Demonstration of aircraft components

    5. Working priniciple of Primary and secondry control surfaces

    6. Demonstrate the starting procedure of engine

    • Propulsion laboratory

    1.Nozzle pressure test rig
    2.Convergent nozzle with dia - 2 cm
    3.Divergent side - 16mm
    4.Convergent side - 1.5mm
    5.Length - 26.8 mm


    The pressure values in the convergent nozzle for various flow condition can be studied

    • Research and development LABORATORY

    Identation creep testing machine
    2.Temperature: Ambient to 500 Deg C
    3.Identerdia:1.0, 1.5, 2.0 mm
    4.Identer material: Tungsten carbide
    5.Specimen dimension:
    6.20 to 25 mm square
    7.4,5,6 & 10 mm thickness
    8.Cylindrical specimen:
    9.10 to 20 mm dia
    10.4,5,6&10 mm thickness

    1.Pin on disc friction and wear test rig
    2.Normal load range: up to 200N
    3.Frictional force range: Up to 200N with a resolution of 1N with tare facility.
    4.Wear measurement range:2mm with tare facility
    5.Sliding speed: 0.26 to 12m/s
    6.Disc speed: 100 to 2000 rpm
    7.Preset timer range: upto 99hrs:59min:59 sec
    8.Wear disc diameter: 165mm, 8mm thickness (EN 24 disc 58 - 69 hrc)
    9.Wear disc track diameter: 10 to 140mm
    10.Specimen pin diameter/diagonal - dia.3mm to 12mm
    11.Pin length: 25 to 30mm
    12.Data acquisition system: Upto 8 channels with national instruments USB DAQ card
    13.Lubricating re-circulating system: Tank capacity - 3 litres, flow rates 0-1 liter/min, viscosity range - 90SAE Max.,
    14.Temp: Ambient to 60 deg C max.
    15.Specimen holders: Ball, square, rectangular -each 01 no.
    16Wear disc: 165mm, 8 mm thickness (EN24 Disc 58-60 HRC)

    1.Low speed diamond wheel saw
    2.Drive: high torque geared motor
    3.Speed: 0 - 300rpm continuously variable with digital indication
    4.Wheel shaft dia:12.7mm
    5.Diamond wheel size:100 mm & 125 mm
    6.Weights for loading:300 gms (in steps of 50gms)
    7.Diamond coated wafering blades: Dia 100mm, 0.3 mm thickness
    8.Dia 125 mm, 0.3mm thickness
    9.Holder for irregular sample shapes and longitudinal.
    10.Diamond impregnated wafering blade-Q1. 3”x0.06”x.5
    11.Q2. 5”X0.15”X0.5”

    Electrochemical workstation
    1.Linear Sweep Voltammetry
    2.Cyclic Voltammetry
    4.Pulsed Voltammetry Methods
    5.OCP Measurement
    6.Linear Polarization
    7.-5 V to +5 V voltage range
    8.Voltage Resolution upto 150 V
    9.Compliance Voltage upto +-12V
    10.Variable current range selection upto 100 mA
    11.Variable scan rate selection from 1 mV/s to 1000 mV/s
    12.Current resolution upto 1 nA
    13.USB interface communication"
    14.Motion Xtra N3 colour high speed camera "1280 x 1024 @ 1000 fps.(2000fps in Plus Mode)
    15.1280 X 1024 @ 1000fps
    16.2GB standard Memory
    17.Global electronic shutter variable upto 1 us
    18.1000 BaseT Ethernet communication
    19.100G shock resistance in all axes.
    20.C-Mount & Variable shutter speed
    21.Sensitivity 1000 ASA Color
    22.File Formats - AVI, TIFF, BMP, MRF, MCF etc
    23.Image Processing Software capable of Smooth, Sharpen, Brightness, Contrast,
    24.Gamma adjusts etc
    25.Light weight -480 grams

    1.The creep characterization of aerospace materials for a sample of dimension 2 cm 3 can be performed for different loading conditions
    2.The wear characterization of aerospace material can be calculated for different loading condition and for different environment (Wet & Dry)
    3.The Diamond wheel saw is used to prepare sample for wear and creep test and for preparing composite laminates
    4.Conduct corrision studies on both ferros and non ferrous materials samples.
    5.The high speed camera is used to study wetting, capture particle trajectory and to perform combustion flame study

    • CAD Laboratory

    2.38 Computers
    4.Workstation Dell- T7810 Dell Precision Tower T7810 825W Chassis 2 x Intel Xenon E5- 2683v4 2.1GHz, 40M Cache, 9.6GT/s QPI, Turbo3.0GHz, 16Cores,32Threads 120W(Dual CPU Populated Total 32Cores+64 Threads 64GB 2400Mhz DDR4RDIMM ECC @ 2400MHz Upgradable Upto 256 GB (4 GB RAM,1 TB harddisk, i5 processor) X3650

    1.High end simulation capability
    3.Server for software licence