• The Automotive Components laboratory which is one of the important laboratories in the Automobile Engineering was established in the year 2014. The automotive components lab has equipped with Multi cylinder engine, Four wheel drive and Air brake system, etc. The lab includes both academic and research based equipment in order to experience the skill of dismantling and assembling of Engines, Engine components and Chassis Components.

    Major Equipments : Multi Cylinder Petrol Engine 2Multi Cylinder Diesel Engine, 3Front axle, Rear axle, Differential, Clutch and Gear box (light duty, heavy duty), Steering System, Air Brake System, Four Wheel Drive, Petrol fuel systems, Diesel fuel systems.

  • The engine performance and emission testing laboratorywhich is one of the important laboratory in the Automobile Engineering department was launched in 2016,provides faculty and students with resources to conduct experimental research on internal combustion engines. The lab includes both academic and research based equipment in order to study the combustion characteristics, engine performance and emission measurement. All the engines are equipped with eddy current dynamometers which increase the loading accuracy.

    Major Equipments: Two wheeler SI engine test rig with eddy current loading, Automotive multi cylinder SI engine test rig with heat balance arrangement and eddy current dynamometer, Automotive multi cylinder CI engine test rig with heat balance arrangement and eddy current dynamometer, Five gas analyzer, Diesel Smoke meter, Combustion analyzer DAQ with all accessories and software.

  • This laboratory helps to produce high focused independent practical skill on fuels and lubricants among students. It also serves the students to determine properties of several fuels and lubricants; compare them with standards so as to get an idea about its quality. This lab will supplement theoretical inputs in the Automotive Fuels and Lubricants testing laboratory course.

    Major Equipments: Fuel Analysis Test Apparatus (Orsat Gas Apparatus), Flash and Fire point Apparatus (Cleveland's Flash and Fire point Apparatus), Aniline point Apparatus, Reid Vapour Pressure Test Apparatus, Bomb Calorimeter + Digital Weighing Balance (0.1g to 2kg) + Oxygen Cylinder (2 Cu.m), Carbon Residue Test Apparatus (Rams Bottom), Copper Stir Corrosion Test Apparatus, Cloud and Pour point Apparatus with Refrigerator unit, Redwood Viscometer (Digital), Saybolt Viscometer (Digital), ASTM Distillation Apparatus (Petroleum Distillation with Energy Regulator), Ash Content Test Apparatus.

  • Automotive electrical and electronics laboratory established in the year 2016 for Academic purpose. It focused the students to Identify charging, starting, ignition, accessory-circuit components, their functions, maintenance procedures, types of automotive wiring, types of terminals, and wiring diagrams.

    Major Equipments : Auto electrical test bench, Four stroke multi cylinder diesel engine trainer rig (crdi)with fault simulation board digital storage oscilloscope, Open source microcontroller board, Mpfi technology air fuel mixture prototype, Digital storage oscilloscope, High rate discharge battery tester, Wire harness diagnostic kit

  • Computer aided design and analysis laboratory was established in the year 2016 provides faculty and students to Design, Analysis and simulation of auto mobile components. The lab having academic and research based license software for solve structural, Thermal, electromagnetic and fluid flow problems.


  • Automobile Department having vehicle servicing and testing lab facility with highly sophisticated testing instruments. This lab is useful for the complete servicing of two and four wheelers. It is having a car with onboard diagnosis equipment.

    Major Equipments: Cylinder Reboring Machine, Valve Grinding Machine, Valve lapping machine, Spark plug Tester, Computerized two wheeler chassis Dynamometer, Computerized Wheel alignment Machine, Computerized wheel balancing Machine, Automatic Tyre remover, A car with onboard diagnosis.