BIT Cloud

 BIT Cloud

Do you know that the website being visited is being served by a virtual machine running on a indigenously developed private cloud using OpenStack cloud management platform?

Bannari Amman Institute of Technology is one of the very few institutes at international level to have hosted live private cloud. The entire design, development, deployment and maintenance is being managed completely inhouse by a dedicated team.

The team which maintains BIT Cloud also provide training to BIT'ians and consultancy services to other organisations. Visit for further details.

The compute part of production version of BIT Cloud is powered by the following high configuration servers.

  • Four Socket Rack server with 72 core (physical) CPU and 512 GB of Primary Memory
  • Two Socket Rack server with 44 core (physical) CPU and 512 GB of Primary Memory


Online OpenStack Training

In addition to onsite training programme, BIT-CLOUD Team offers online hands-on training courses for cloud aspirants in the area of OpenStack Deployment and OpenStack Administration. In online training mode, the trainee is engaged through team-viewer and web based ssh console by the trainer.

OpenStack Deployment Training

  • Trainee registers online course by making payment online(through credit card/debit card/internet banking).
  • Trainer install OS on raw hardware and provide ssh credentials to trainee.
  • Trainee installs necessary services and configure the environment required for OpenStack Deployment.
  • Trainee installs and configures OpenStack (under guidance)
  • Trainee completes the deployment and create a virtual machine(VM) through dashboard.

OpenStack Administration Training

  • Trainee registers by making online payment(through credit card/debit card/internet banking)
  • Trainer completes the entire deployment and provide dashboard access to trainee.
  • Trainee administer the cloud online under the guidance of trainer.

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