Capability Enhancement Schemes

Guidance for competitive examinations

Students are made aware about the various opportunities to pursue higher education through their mentors, higher education club of the institution, communication development center and other avenues like association meetings, Guest Lecture and leader of the week. The Head of the Department identifies the student requirements and arrange for coaching classes through external experts. Further each department will offer training programmes to the students to appear in GATE examination.

Career counselling

The faculty members discuss the career prospects in the related fields with the students in the classrooms and laboratories. As a part of career counselling, the Training and Placement team segregates the students based on their field of interest, coding ability and core knowledge through online examination after the completion of fifth semester and trains them accordingly thereafter. The training will be offered through internal faculty and external resource persons like people from nearby industries, alumni members, PEGA, and BYTES are to name a few. Till fifth semester, the students are given exposure about their career prospects through guest lectures and other programmes organized by the student associations concerned.

Language Lab & Soft Skills

Soft skill training is given to the students’ right from their second semester. The communication development center segregates the students as basic and advanced level learners after their first semester. The advanced learners learn languages other than English like German, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi and French. Further, external experts are also invited to enhance the skills of students before the placement season every year.    Communication Development Centre (CDC) was started on 4th September 2018. Assessment is conducted for first year and second year undergraduate students and based on the performance in the assessment, the students are categorized in to three levels namely Basic, Intermediate and Advanced learners. Advanced learners are handled by English Department, Humanities. Basic and Intermediate learners are taken care by Training and Placement Department. CDC team conducts placement training which includes training students on verbal aptitude topics and communication. Verbal aptitude topics include Error spotting, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Analogies, Sentence Correction, Sentence Completion etc., Training is also offered for Post graduate students. Also, CDC team provides company specific training. Around 6000 students have been benefitted so far.

Remedial Coaching

Each department will identify the slow learners based on their sessional and semester marks. The slow learners are given additional classes after the working hours to improve their performance.

Bridge Course

All the first year students will undergo orientation programme and bridge courses in mathematics and science are offered to the needy students.

Yoga & Meditation

The Institution values physical and mental health also apart from academics. Exclusive facilities with qualified trainers help the students to practice Yoga. All the first year students are given a course during their first year.

Personal counseling

The class advisors monitor the activities of the student and counsel them for their career and personal development. The class advisor and student meeting were conducted regularly and the students can expose their delinquencies to the class advisors. The performance of the students was periodically updated to parents.