• CAD, or computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), is technology for design and technical documentation, which replaces manual drafting with an automated process. It is a lab with well-equipped software’s with high defined systems research in all aspects of system design for applications spanning in all areas of Civil and Structural Engineering.

    Major Equipments : Abaqus
    Staad Pro V8i
    Revit Architecture

  • Concrete Technology and Structural Engineering Laboratory offers facilities for testing building materials (cement, steel, fine and coarse aggregate) and structural elements (beam, slab and column) for their strength, behaviour and suitability in various applications.

    Major Equipments : 1. Computerized Universal Testing Machine 1000kN
    2. Compression testing machine 4000kN
    3. Flexure testing machine
    4. Double Acting Hydraulic jack (500kN) and Load cell
    5. Data acquisition system and LVDT
    6. Proving Ring (200kN; 500kN)
    7. Horizontal shake table
    8. Accelerated curing tank
    9. Abrasion Resistances of concrete
    10. Creep test rig
    11. Concrete permeability apparatus
    12. Digital Rebound Hammer
    13. Ultrasonic pulse velocity
    14. Corrosion analyser
    15. Concrete core cutter
    16. Semi Electric Stacker
    17. Concrete Mixer Pan and Drum Type
    18. Demountable Mechanical Strain Gauge (100mm; 150mm)
    19. Hand Operated Hydraulic Jack with Hand Pump (100kN; 250kN; 500KN)
    20. Electrical Table Vibrator

  • Soil Mechanics laboratory is very important one among all Civil engineering laboratories, since it is doing the basis of foundation design, Highway pavement design & Permeability analysis of soils. Soil mechanics laboratory in BIT has all types of well advanced equipments for civil engineering students to enable them to learn high level testing practices. It is very much noted that Soil lab has major role in consultancy by doing foundation design through Standard & Dynamic Cone penetration tests.

    Major Equipments : 1. Direct shear apparatus
    2. California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Test setup
    3. Triaxial testing Apparatus
    4. Consolidation test apparatus
    5. Permeability Apparatus
    6. Swell pressure Apparatus
    7. Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus
    8. Complete set of instruments for Standard & Cone penetration tests (SPT&DCPT) 9. Hot air Oven & Infra red moisture meter

  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory explains the study of fluid behavior, its dynamics and statics, the basic properties of fluids and also a basic knowledge of the terms and quantities defined for fluids.

    Major Equipments : 1. Pipe friction apparatus
    2. Orifice and venturi meter apparatus
    3. Notch apparatus combined with multistage centrifugal pump
    4. Submersible multistage pump test rig
    5. Jet pump test rig (fixed speed)
    6. Vane and gear pump test rig
    7. Reciprocating pump test rig (varaible speed)
    8. Centrifugal pump test rig (varaible speed)
    9. Bernaulli's apparatus
    10. Pelton wheel turbine
    11. Kaplan turbine
    12. Francis turbine test rig with standard accessories

  • As part of Civil Engineering Department, Environmental Engineering Laboratory provides experimental and analytical facilities for basic UG experiments as per curriculum as well as for research-oriented projects. The laboratory is equipped with facilities for water quality analysis, wastewater and solid waste characterization and soil sample analysis. The lab is also facilitating externally funded research projects in the area of environmental engineering towards sustainable solutions for industry-focused as well as socially significant environmental problems. The lab comprises of 238.30 sq. m floor area with full-fledged granite working tables and houses major instruments to the tune of Rs. 32 lakhs. Apart from academic research, Environmental Engineering Lab is committed towards providing consultancy services in all main areas of environmental engineering.

    Major Equipments: 1. TOC-TN Analyzer
    2. UV- Vis Double Beam Spectrophotometer
    3. COD Reactor
    4. BOD Incubator
    5. Membrane Filter Test Setup
    6. Muffle Furnace
    7. Hot - Air Oven
    8. DO Analyzer
    9. Calorimeter
    10. Colony Counter