• Industrial Instrumentation Laboratory is well equipped with various measuring instruments, which helps the students in handling equipments generally used in industry and research. Also the training gained by the students in the field of industrial instrumentation will be an immense support in any industrial establishment. Industrial Instrumentation Laboratory has been established with a built up area of 115 square meters.

    Major Equipment's :

    1. 1. Conductivity meter
    2. 2. Humidity measurement using Hygrometer Trainer
    3. 3. pH meter Trainer kit
    4. 4. Torque Measurement Trainer
    5. 5. Viscosity Measurement Trainer
    6. 6. Calibration of pressure gauge using dead weight tester
    7. 7. Vacuum pressure measurement
  • Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering has a well equipped Process Control Laboratory established with a built up area of 193 square meters. It provides an industrial environment for controlling various physical parameters like temperature, pressure, level and flow using the real time process stations. It is designed to take up various Research & Development (R&D) activities such as system identification, controller tuning and develop control algorithms for real time linear and non-linear processes. The process parameters can be controlled using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Distributed Control System (DCS), Multi loop Controller and LabVIEW based advanced controllers. All the advanced control schemes (Ratio Control, Cascade Control, Feed forward Control, Split range Control and Selective Control) can be implemented and field tested using the facilities available from the laboratory.

    Major Equipments :
    1.Three tank Conical system (Interacting , Non-Interacting, Hybrid and Ratio control for flow and level)
    2. Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) (Cascade Control and Feed Forward Control)
    3. Coupled Tank (4 tank) System
    4. Spherical Tank system (Level and Flow)
    5. Pressure Control System (Split Range Control)
    6. Air Flow Temperature Controller System
    7. HART Communicator
    8. Yokogawa Multi Loop Controller setup
    9. NI ELVIS II-Instrumentation Design, and Prototyping Platform
    10. Control valve with and without positioner setup
    11. Allen-Bradley PLC Compact logix & Micro logix
    12. Rockwell Software Education tool kit-Rslogix 500
    13. NI LabVIEW -DAQ Cards
    14. NI LabVIEW-2013 Upgraded version
    15. Speed Control of DC Motor Trainer
    16. U-Tube Manometer with Thermometer
    17. On-Off controller thermal process
    18. Process Control Simulator for linear system with PID controller
    19. Traffic Signal Control System
    20. Bottle Filling System
    21. Two phase brushless A.C. servomotor trainer module
    22. Synchro Trainer Module
    23. DC Servomotor Controller Kit
    24. PLC based Elevator System

  • The department Computer center is established with 50 computer systems loaded with programming softwares like C, C++, MATLAB, KEIL and Lab VIEW software. All the systems are provided with internet facility to access e-resources. Apart from the regular classes, the center is used to provide hands on training program and workshops by effectively using softwares for both internal and external participants to enhance their technical knowledge. The lab facility is also used for research and consultancy activities. This center have been established with a built up area of 149 square meters.

    Major Equipment :
    1. Zenith Computer
    2. Dell Computer
    3. Sony Projector
    4. Printer

  • The Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering has a well-equipped Electronics Laboratory which enhance the skill set of the students to design the circuits for amplifiers, oscillators , resonance, filters , attenuators, signal conditioning units for the measurement systems and electronics controllers (ON/OFF, P,PI & PID using operational amplifier). The lab is utilized by the students to develop real time electronic projects like safety alarm, home automation and various other interdisciplinary projects. Electronics Laboratory have been established with a built up area of 115 square meters.

    Major Equipment :
    1. Power Supply 2. Function Generator
    3. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
    4. Digital Storage Oscilloscope
    5. Digital IC Trainer Kit
    6. Digital IC Tester
    7. Multimeter
    8. Digital meter
    9. Digital LCR Q-Meter

  • Sensors and Transducers Laboratory established with a built up area of 115 square meters comprises of various modern measuring instruments that enrich the students to characterize and analyze different mechanisms for measuring various parameters like temperature, pressure, density, humidity, displacement, force, speed, torque and stress. The knowledge gained from the Sensors and Transducers Laboratory, helps the students to select suitable sensors for a specific and appropriate applications.

    1. Load Cell 2. Linear Variable Displacement Transducer (LVDT)
    3. Capacitive Pickup Experiment Module - Variable Area & Die Electric
    4. Thermistors, Thermocouple, Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)
    5. Pressure to Current Converter
    6. Electro Pneumatic Converter
    7. Measurement of Sound using Capacitive Transducers
    8. Potentiometer Transducer
    9. Piezo Electric Transducer
    10. Measurement of Angular Velocity-Hall Effect Transducer
    11. Bourdon Tube Trainer
    12. Photo Electric Tachometer
    13. Photovoltaic Cell, Optical Transducer
    14. Digital Transducer - Shaft Angle Encoder
    15. Digital LCR Q-Meter

  • The Embedded System Research Centre is started in the academic year 2017-2018 with an aim to build the practical exposure in the areas of Embedded Systems and Internet of Things (IoT). The purpose is to provide continuous hands-on-training for students and members of faculty in embedded system. This is a place where the students and members of faculty work in a collaborative environment to provide solutions for real time problems. It is also helpful for developing embedded controllers for real time processes. Embedded System Research Centre have been established with a built up area of 126 square meter.

    1.Arduino & Genuino 101
    2. PIC-MCU Development board
    3. Raspberry Pi 3 with accessories
    4. MSP 432 LaunchPad
    5. MSP 430F5529 Launchpad
    6. ARM Cortex M4 Starter kit
    7. Beagle bone black and its accessories
    8. CC3200
    9. WiFi-ESP 8266
    10. Zigbee-S2C with breakout board
    11. GSM Sim900/ SIM 800M
    12. Grove Starter kit for Arduino & Genuino 101
    13. Analog Discovery kit

  • The department of Electronics and Instrumentation hosts a dedicated space for Research and Development. This exclusive area of 148.5 sq.m is devoted only for faculty and student research. The facility incubates the most challenging and socially significant projects. These projects are either consultancy services to an industry or self-interested projects of faculty and students. The projects are described below.

  • Bannari Amman Center for Testing and Calibration Laboratory provides services to the test and measuring instruments. The laboratory is equipped with National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL) standards for maintaining quality standards and procedures. The master equipments are procured in reference to the international standards to provide quality service to our customers. They are calibrated from the NABL Accredited laboratory having better uncertainty. The laboratory has good training facility to train the students, members of faculty and the industry people in the field of calibration and thermal mapping. Our major customers are in the field of Education, Hospitals, Sugar, Paper Industry, Cotton mills and various process / manufacturing industries. Our technical faculty members are well qualified, well experienced and trained in the field of calibration and thermal mapping.

    Major Equipment :
    Multi-product Calibrator with 300 MHz Scope option, 50 Turn Current Coil and Lead Set.
    6.5 Digit Bench top Digital Multimeter.

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