• Illustration lab helps to discover artist in everyone. Activities include sketching, painting and designing. Pattern engineering lab facilitates our students to engineer patterns by flat pattern making and draping for various fashion styles. This lab is equipped with latest imported automatic height adjustable tables with hydraulic lifting mechanism.

    Major Equipment : Gents - 42 Half Dummy Black (Dress form)| Gents - 40 Full Dummy Black Without Arms (Dress form) | Gents - 40 Full Dummy Black With Arms (Dress form) | 8 Year Boy Full Dummy With Two Arms (Dress form) | Female US 8 Full Dummy Black With Two Arms (Dress form) | Gents 40 Size Half Dummy (Dress form) | Female UK 14 Size Full Dummy Black (Dress form) | Female UK 14 Size Half Dummy Black (Dress form) | 8 Year Boy Full Dummy With Two Arms (Dress form) | Automatic height adjustable tables with hydraulic lifting mechanism

  • Garment construction Laboratory I, provides space for the students to convert their designs into outfits. Each student is provided with individual sewing machine to develop their garments on creative basis. GC Lab I is equipped with 30 single needle lock stitch machines. It is the place where students can get hands on experience to sew all kinds of basic stitches.

    Major Equipment : Single Needle Lock stitch machine | Cutting table

  • The lab is equipped with the world's best brand of industry grade stitching and special machinery. The student is allotted extensive machine hours for developing confidence and expertise in the operation of all the advanced machines. The garment construction skills of the students are developed by utilizing the specialized and standardized machines in the laboratory.

    Major Equipment : Bartack Machine | 3 Thread Over Lock Machine | 4 Thread Over Lock Machine | 5 Thread Over Lock Machine | Feed - of - the - Arm Machine | 5 Thread Flat Lock Machine | 5 Thread Elastic Attachment Flat Lock | Twin Needle sewing Machine | Button sewing Machine (Computerized) | Button Hole making Machine (Computerized) | Single Head Embroidery Machine (Computerized) | Single Needle Sewing Machine (Computerized) | Rib Cutting Machine | Portable Boiler and Vacuum Ironing Table

  • Display Avenue is the space allocated for presenting the final designs of a collection in VM window presentation concept with mannequins, display boards and a retail television to play the theme.

    Major Equipment : Golden color dome head abstract Mannequin of UK size 12 | Spiral clothing hangers | Acrylic display boards | Retail television

  • Models to get ready before they flaunt a dress that a designer has styled, green rooms (dressing rooms) for male and female are provided separately at back stage.

  • In fashion world, a ramp or runway or catwalk is a narrow, usually flat platform, used by models to demonstrate clothing and accessories during a fashion show. Fashion Resource Centre has a well set ramp for the aspiring Designers and Models to showcase their flamboyant creativity under the lashes of vibrant lighting and sounds to set the mood and give it attitude!

  • Fashion show has always got its own applauding audience awaiting the excitement that electrifies the air. Beautiful air conditioned gallery set up with contour stairs enriches audience and spectators to enjoy the procession of cutting-edge ensembles.

  • A well equipped Photo - shoot room for restoring the creative ensembles / products of the aspirants in the department.

    Major Equipment : Professional DSLR Camera | Tripod | Monopad | Reflector | Bouncer | Back drop screen with screen stand

  • Collective ideas always pave way for constructive proposals and in that way, establishment of conference room in Fashion Resource Centre provides space for sharing of ideas and thoughts. A fully air - conditioned conference room is provided with high tech facility for singular events such as group discussions, meetings, presentations and interviews for our students