Well-furnished hostels for gents and ladies with four, double and single occupancy rooms are available with separate guest rooms. The living rooms are built with aesthetic layout, containing wardrobe and storage space. The dining halls with a seating capacity of 4100 students are available. Well planned and equipped servicing counters, highly modernised kitchen, a cold storage and dish washing machine form a part of residential functions. Student Centre of the Institution is certified for the 5S Work Place Management System.

Gents Hostel

Men's Hostel consists of four blocks named Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond. Out of the four blocks, Sapphire and Emerald have 282 and 284 rooms respectively (26.85 sq.mts carpet area with 4 bedded capacities per each room for both). The total capacity of Sapphire and Emerald are 1128 and 1136 members respectively. Ruby has 24 single bedded (10.25 carpet area per room) and 145 double bedded rooms (17.38 carpet area per room). Diamond has 34 single bedded (10.25 carpet area per room) and 146 double bedded rooms (17.38 carpet area per room). Totally Ruby and Diamond have the capacity of 314 and 324 members respectively. Overall, the four blocks have 915 rooms with 2902 members' capacity.

Hostel Rooms for Gents


Ladies Hostel

Women's hostel has seven blocks named Ganga, Yamuna, Narmadha, Cauvery, North Bhavani, South Bhavani and Old Bhavani.

Ganga has 124 four bedded rooms and 8 double bedded rooms. Yamuna has 93 four bedded rooms and 6 double bedded rooms. Narmatha is the only block to have the 8 five bedded rooms, 96 four bedded rooms, 16 double bedded rooms and 8 single bedded rooms. Cauvery block has 111 double bedded rooms and 15 single bedded rooms. The North Bhavani and South Bhavani both have the capacity of 64 four bedded rooms, 4 double bedded rooms and four single bedded rooms respectively. Old Bhavani has the speciality of 8 eight bedded rooms, 2 single bedded rooms.

Overall, the seven blocks can accommodate 2199 members in 639 rooms

Hostel Rooms for Ladies


Dining Hall

Four separate dining facilities for girls and another 7 dining for boys with a total seating capacity of 5250 are available with the provision for hot, normal and cold water.

South Indian Food


North Indian Food


Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is very spacious and hygienic. Advanced automated kitchen equipment such as Convotherm machines, Chung Shen Cooking Mixer, Automatic Chapatti Making Machine, Automatic Dosa making Machine, Automatic Idiyappam Machine, Vegetable washing machine, vegetable cutter, Potato peeler, Onion peeler, Rice washer, dough maker, Heavy duty wet grinder, Dish washer etc are utilized for the preparation of food. Purified water from Reverse Osmosis is used for cooking and drinking.

Medical Centre

A well-equipped Medical Centre is available in the campus. Dr J Anitha MBBS and Dr M S Soundararajan MBBS are the Resident Medical Officers. Additionaly there are Staff Nurses and Nursing Assistants available to take care of the students round the clock. In case of emergency, ambulance service is readily available for 24 hours to access the medical facilities in the hospitals located at Sathyamangalam / Coimbatore / Erode.


24x7 Wi-Fi enabled with 500 Mbps Internet connectivity.

Students' Centre

Students love it here. It's the perfect spot to relax and let your hair down. There are two Students' Centres - one for the men and the other for the ladies, which have facilities for several indoor and outdoor games. The centres also have an entertainment hall with a movie projector and large screen television sets and reading rooms. To ensure the sound body housing the sound mind, most modern gyms are made available to the students.


Fully equipped and scientifically designed gym facilities are available in the boys and girls hostel separately. The boys gym consist of Three 4 station, three 2 station, 16 single station gym equipments, Weight lifting and Power lifting sets. And also we have enough barbell weights, barbell & dumbbell rods, fixed dumbbells, cattle bells and Gym Balls. For women, two 4 station equipment, three 2 station equipment, 6 single station equipment. Regularly, there are more than 100 students avail the gym facilities.


Parlour provides very good Beauty Parlour STUDIO 7 Facilities for girls separately with advanced hair styling, Relaxing massage, Body Massage, Waxing, Detan, Threading, Clean up, Express Glow facials, facials, Cream Bleach and Pedicures.


Full-fledged laundry facilities are available for both girls and boys with LG6 fully automatic imported Washer and extractor, LG10 fully automatic commercial Gas dryer, Steam Ironing Table, Electric Steam Ironing Box and Plastic Crates.

Visitors Hall

Visitors hall has a capacity of 36 chairs with drinking water facility and television facility.


A hut is a shape of a lower quality than a house (durable, well built dwelling) but higher quality than a shelter (place of refuge or safety) such as a tent and is used as temporary or seasonal shelter or in primitive societies as a permanent dwelling. Huts are used for the relaxation of parents and students.

Internet Centre - Netcafe

A separate well-designed air-conditioned Internet Centre with latest computer systems is functioning in an area of 5400 sq. ft.

Yoga Centre

Training on Yoga is offered to the students in the Yoga Centre of the college and in the Yoga hall of respective students’ hostels. Yoga experts teach the concepts of YogiRaj Vethathiri Maharishi’s Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY), The Art of Living Course and Asanas to the students and members of faculty. Yoga is inculcated in the regular time table for all the First year Undergraduate students. The centre organises special programmes on Yoga for students and members of faculty and also trains the students for various competitions.


Comprehensive accommodation services are available to all the students who are looking for a home away from home. Gents Hostel - 2500 inmates, Ladies Hostel - 2200 inmates, Well furnished single, double and four occupancy rooms, Aesthetic Layout, Modern Kitchen, Spacious Dining Halls, Mini Cine Theatres, Indoor Courts for Shuttle & Table Tennis.

Sports and Leisure

There are first - rate sports and leisure facilities on campus. Courts with acrylic surface for tennis, basketball and volleyball; playing fields for football, hockey, cricket and kabaddi are also available.