Faculty Publication

Faculty Publication

Dr. D. Martin Luther

Papers Published in Journals

“Cultural Interweaving in the Writings of Margaret Laurence - An African Experiment” in IJELLH (International Journal of English Language, Literature & Humanities - ISSN 2321-7065), Vol III, Issue II, April 2015.

“Tracing of Historical Impressions in the Folktales and Songs - A Canadian Experience Margaret Laurence’s The Diviners” in International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education (IJHSSE) ISSN 2349-0373 (Print) & ISSN 2349-0381 (Online), Vol 2, Issue 4.

'Role of English in  Science and Technology' in the Journal of Technical and Vocational Education published by the Technical  Teachers  Training Institute, Chennai, India.

The Portrayal of the Colonised Psyche: Between the Two Dichotomies - Optimism and Pessimism in Margaret Laurence’s This Side Jordan in Mapping Literature, Prestige Books, New Delhi.

Mrs. A. Anne Dorathy

Papers Published in Journals

“Second Language Acquisition through Task-based Approach - Role-play in English Language Teaching”. English for Specific Purposes World. Volume 11, Issue 33, 2011, pg. 1-7, ISSN 1682-3257.

“Technology in Teaching and Learning English Language”. International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature (IJSELL). Volume 2 Issue 9, 2014, pg. 132-137, ISSN 2347-3126 (Print) & ISSN 2347-3134 (Online).

“Task-Based Language Teaching - A Powerful Approach for Maximizing Learning and Teaching in L2 Acquisition”. Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities. Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2016, pg.1822-1832, ISSN:2249-7315(Online), 2250-1665(Print) 10.5958/2249-7315.2016.00546.3.

Papers Published in Conferences
“Task-based Assessment in English Language Learning" in a two day National Seminar on “Examination Reforms (NSER 2015)" jointly organized by the Department of Education, Gandhigram Rural Institute – Deemed University, Gandhigram and National Testing Service – India, Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), Mysuru during 13-14 November 2015.

“A Review on Challenges of Teaching English for Specific Purposes" in a two day National Seminar on “English for Specific Purposes - A Reappraisal" organized by the Department of English, Anna University, Chennai during 7-8 March 2014.

"Self-Directed Learning - A New Paradigm for Learning" in a two-day international conference on Outcome Based Teaching and Learning of English organized by the Department of English, Anna University, Chennai during 1-2 March 2013.

“A Review on the Expectations of Corporate World and Employability Skills” in the 9th International Congress on English Grammar (ICEG 2013) organized by School of Social Sciences and Languages, VIT University during 3-5 January 2013.

“Second Language Acquisition through task based teaching and task based learning” in the 7th International Congress on English Grammar (ICEG 2011) organized by department of English, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam during 28-30 December 2011.

”The Significance of Integrating Technology in the Classrooms” in the 6th International and 42nd Annual ELTAI Conference on Teacher Development organized by VIT University in association with the English Language Teachers’ Association of India (ELTAI) during16-18 June 2011.

“A Task-based Approach - Role play in English Language Teaching” UGC sponsored National level Seminar (ALLT 2011) organized by the department of English, University of Madras (IDE), Chennai during 15-16 March 2011.

“The Significance of Role Play in English Language Teaching” in the International Conference on “Recent Advances in Linguistics” organized by the Department of Linguistics, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore during 15-16 December 2010.

“Challenges of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in India” in the 5th International and 41st Annual Conference conducted by English Language Teachers’ Association of India (ELTAI) at Anna Adarsh College for Women, Chennai during 5-7 August 2010.

“Solving Social-Communicative Problems through Role-Play in the Development of Interpersonal Skills” in a two-day National Seminar on “English and Communication Skills for Employability” organized by the Department of English, Anna University, Chennai during 25- 26 March 2009.

Mr. R. Thirumalai Rajan

Papers Published in Journals

Learning English for Employability” published in International Journal of English Research. ISSN: 2455-2186; Volume 2; Issue 3; May 2016; Page No. 05-06.

Papers Published in Conferences

“Learning English for Employability” presented at International Conference held at Annammal College of Education, Thoothukudi in November 2013.

“Effective Ways of Teaching Grammar” presented at National Level Conference held at Kamaraj College of Engineering, Virudhunagar in September 2011.

“Subjugation of Women in Anita Nair’s Ladies Coupe” presented at National Seminar held at M.S.S. Wakf Board College, Madurai in March 2011.

"Amitav Ghosh’s The Circle of Reason - A Postmodern Novel” presented at State Level Workshop held at St.Joseph’s College, Trichy in March 2011.

“Digital Technology as a Tool for Commutainment” presented at National Level Workshop held at E.M.G. Yadava Women’s College in January 2011.

Mr. A. Fredrick Ruban

Papers Published in Journals

Juxtaposition of Fervent Love in “Red is the Rose” and “Fuchsia Shock”. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education and Research (Refereed & IF:5.12). Volume 1:2. April 2016. ISSN: 2455-4588.

Tracing out Identity Crisis in the Light of Biocentrism. International Journal of English Research (Refereed & IF:5.32). Volume 2:2. March 2016. ISSN 2455-2186.

Tangles of Love: A Predominating Impression in Ian McEwan's Enduring Love. International Journal of Applied Research (Refereed & IF:5.2). Volume 2:3. March 2016. ISSN 2394-5869.

Lexical and Phonological - Two Levels of Stylistics: An Analytical Study of Ted Hughes’ Poems. International Journal of Academic Research and Development (Refereed & IF:5.22). Volume 1: 3. March 2016. ISSN 2455-4197.

Psychological Disclosure Though Jung’s Archetypal Images. Elixir International Journal (Refereed & IF:6.025). 92 (March 2016) 38592-38594. ISSN 2229-712X.

Rhetorical Figures as Embellishing Faculties of Ted Hughes’ Compositions. International Journal of Advanced Research and Development (Refereed & IF:5.24). Vol. 1: 3. March 2016. ISSN 2455-4030.

Social Consciousness: A Study of Aravind Adiga’s Last Man in Tower. Vignettes of Research (Refereed & IF:5.75). Vol. IV:1. Feb. 2016. ISSN 2320-1797.

Interdependency to Sustain and Exaltation to Unfold Idolatry: An Ecocritical Exposition of Ted Hughes’ Select Animal Poems. Global Academic Research Journal (Refereed & IF:5.56). Vol. IV: 1. Jan. 2016. ISSN 2347-3592.

Excruciating Struggle with the Shackles of Grief in Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love. Acme International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (Refereed & IF: 5.79). Vol. IV: 1. Jan. 2016. ISSN 2320-236X.

Poetry of Pathetic Fallacy: A Dissection of Select Poetic Works of Ted Hughes’ River. Upstream Research International Journal (Refereed & IF:0.897). Vol. 4: 1. Jan.2016. ISSN 2312 - 0567.

Ascendency and Victimization in Ted Hughes’ poems. Proceedings of the International Conference on 25 & 26 Sept. 2015, Akilandeshwari Women’s College, Wandiwash-604408. Page No. 218-224, ISBN 9788181242013

Papers Published in Conferences

“Reminiscence Surfaces Diasporic Consciousness: An Exile Perception in Zulfikar Ghose’s “This Landscape, These People” on 30 & 31 March 2016 at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore - 641 046.

“Persisting Feminine Voice in Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” and “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” on 12 March 2016 at Karunya University, Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore - 641 114.

“Identity Crisis: A Biocentrical Approach to Earle Briney’s “The Bear on the Delhi Road” from 27-29 Jan. 2016 at Karunya University, Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore - 641 114.

“Ascendency and Victimization in Ted Hughes’ poems” on 25 & 26 Sept.2015 at Sri Akilandeshwari Women’s College, Wandiwash - 604 408.

“Sense of Solitude and Futility of Love: A Comparison of Present Scenario with Reference to Rabindranarth Tagore’s “The Postmaster” on 26 Sept. 2014 at Sri Krishna College of Arts and Science, Kuniamuthur, Coimbatore - 08.

“Mariposa, an Ideal Interdependent Community” on 24 Sept. 2014 at Karunya University, Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore - 641 114.