Language Lab

Language Lab

Indicative of the Institute’s comprehensive understanding of the students’ needs, a state-of-the-art language laboratory has been established in the college, by the Department of Humanities at a cost of Rs. 45 Lakhs. It provides an excellent environment for the learners wherein their Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills can be honed. Its mission is to foster the use of instructional technologies in teaching and research. The ergonomic design of the cubicles and its interior sets the right ambience for hours of hectic practice and the individual booths enable learners to listen with greater concentration and express themselves freely without inhibitions, speak out the lessons loud and bold, to improve pronunciation and intonation which in turn help them to converse with one another and develop aural and oral fluency.  In addition, students have an easy access to authentic spoken language, which provides them a steady consolidation of all the four basic skills of language learning.

The features of the lab include:

  • Audio Interactive Lab with 20 systems connected to a teacher console
  • Multimedia Enhanced Lab with 60 computer systems connected to a server
  • Smart classroom with Audio Visual Equipment & HD Video Recording and Post Processing Facilities
  • Self Access Library

The hi-tech language labs are equipped with a plethora of language learning software including Linguaphone & BBC materials for Audio Interactive Lab; and S-Net platform and Clarity Language Learning Packages for the Multimedia Enhanced Lab.

The labs also provide students with opportunities for learning various languages like English (British/American), Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese and Spanish through downloadable and self generated study material. Study materials are also made available for the students to equip themselves with necessary strategies to succeed in international proficiency exams like BEC, IELTS, etc.