MoU Signed

MoU Signed


Name of the Company




1.To implement E-Academy to provide students access to training and Guest lectures
2.Work with institution faculty on exploring the possibility of Implementing in-house level-1 support through WIAs
3. Provide free access to student app Builder Cloud, Software RAD Lab.


TE Connectivity Bangalore

1. Sponsored Products of TE Connectivity to establish Joint Networking Laboratory with Juniper Networks
2. Guest Lecture on " Structured LAN Cabling" to faculty members of BIT.
3. Syllabus From TE Connectivity included in the curriculum as First Two Units in "Networking Essentials"


Naanal Technologies, Chennai

1. Traning on Open Stack Technologies & Cloud Platforms
2. Consultancy Project Titled " Machine Learning in Logistics Domain"
3. Inviting Faculty Members to Client Location for Demo / Lecture Sessions
4. Internship for students