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Consultancy Services

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Amount Generated (Rs.)

1 August 2016 -
Feb 2017
Electromotive Power Drives Private Limited Import Substitution of Electric Motor Prof. M. Nandagopal 0.10 Lakh
2 2014- 2015 BIT, Sathy Measurement of Surface Roughness of Machined Work Pieces Mr D Dinesh 0.10 Lakh

Feb 2012 -
Aug 2014

Umesh Pencil Processors Pvt. Ltd., Pollachi

Pencil Defect Detection Using Image Processing

Dr. A Amarkarthik
Mr. P Sangaravadivel

4.70 Lakhs


Sep 2011 -
August 2012

Pricol Ltd., Coimbatore

Software Development for Drowsy Driver Detection System

Dr. A. Amarkarthik

4.15 Lakhs


July 2011 -
July 2012

Umesh Pencil Processors Pvt. Ltd., Pollachi

Design and Development of Colour Lead Double Extrusion Cylinder Nozzle

Dr. K. Sivakumar

0.25 Lakhs


Sep 2011 -
Aug 2012

Pricol Ltd., Coimbatore

Design and Development of Capacitance Based Fuel Level Sensor

Mr. P. Sangaravadivel

8.00 Lakhs

7 2007-2009 Bannari InfoTech Speed Limiter Projects Mr. Manickavelan 2.50 Lakhs