• FESTO Centre of Excellence helps students to understand the fundamentals of fluid power system, includes compressed air power, air processing, valves, safety, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The lab sprawls about 172 sq. m and it holds the entire Automation field equipments in it.

    MAJOR EQUIPMENTS: Modular Production System | Bottling Station | PA Compact Workstation | Edukit Trainer Kits | Muscle Power Station | Basic Pneumatic and Hydraulic Kits

  • SEW Eurodrive Centre for Drives and Automation is a training centre for industrial drives and control of geared motors for various automation applications. The lab has an area of 97 sq. m and the centre consists of centralized and decentralized drives connected to induction motors for various speed and position control applications. The training consists of selection and control of drives and motors for various controlled and uncontrolled automation applications.

    MAJOR EQUIPMENTS: MOVITRAC Training Kit - For centralized speed control operations | MOVIDRIVE Training Kit - For centralized speed and position control operations | MOVIFIT Training Kit - for Decentralized speed control operations

  • Industrial and Mobile Robotics Lab is established with equipment worth 4 million INR, which offers facilities for students, faculty and industrial members to acquire skill in the field of robotics. It is equipped with a 6 axis FANUC articulated industrial robot and a 4 axis DENSO robot. There are 30 desktop systems with high-end configurations for simulating robotic environment with a total area of 244 sq.m.

    MAJOR EQUIPMENTS: Axis Fanuc LR Mate 200iD/4S Robot | Automated Belt Conveyor fitted with motor mounted frequency inverter | Helical-bevel geared motor | Four Axis Robot, AAteK, Germany | MAKIT - Master Kit | MAKIT - Hitech | 4M Kidz lab Robotic Hand | 4M Kidz lab Metal detector robot | Robomart wired control arm kit with usb interface

  • Sensors and instrumentation lab was established in the year 2014. This lab has a state-of-the-art technologies related to sensors and instrumentation. The lab is equipped with Sensors and Instrumentation of National Instruments India Private Limited with an area of 110 sq. m. There are 30 license of LabVIEW 13.0.1 software in this lab. Apart from this different types of sensors such as thermocouple, thermistor, RTD, LVDT, Strain Gauge, Load Cell and Accelerometer kits are available. Each sensor kit is attached with a NI DAQ (Data Acquisition Card), which is used to acquire signals from the sensor and to interface with PC. This lab helps students to get hands on experience with various sensor measurement and instrumentation technologies using LabVIEW software.

    MAJOR EQUIPMENTS: RTD Temperature Measurement Module | J Type Temperature Measurement Module | K Type Temperature Measurement Module | E Type Temperature Measurement Module | Thermistor Temperature Measurement Module | LVDT Transducer Module | Load Cell Measurement Module | Strain Measurement Module | Speed Measurement and Position Control of Servo Motor | A/D 8 Channel Study Kit | D/A 8 Channel Study Kit | Vibration and Acceleration Measurement Module | Microphone Characteristics Kit

  • The laboratory was equipped with 19 computer systems installed with Fluidsim and Labview software with an area of 109 sq. m. It also consists of pneumatic kit with manual and electronics controls, Electro-pneumatic kit with manual and electrical controls and Electro pneumatic kit with PLC controls. The students can able to design and simulate the various sequences of pneumatic and hydraulic applications. The students are provided with practical training to control the pneumatic and hydraulic components using electrical, electronics and PLC.

    MAJOR EQUIPMENTS: Basic Pneumatic Kit with manual and electrical controls | Electro Pneumatic Kit with manual and electrical controls | Electro Pneumatic kit with PLC Control | NI Compact DAQ Instrumentation Bundle | Hydraulic simulation Software | Pnuematic simulation Software | NI 4 channel 24 BITL Bridge Module | NI Labview PDS, Meas Studio IMAQ Vision LABVIEW RT | NI 9233 4 channel 24 bit/ EPE Analog

  • The Microelectromechanical Systems(MEMS) Laboratory was established in the year 2014. Students working in this lab will gain hands-on experience in the design, fabrication, testing, and analysis of Microsystems using the Simulation Software Intellisuite. Modeling and design of novel semiconductor devices is the important area of research In addition, Ph.D. Scholars, graduate and undergraduate students will enhance their skills by working as a team and will gain experience to participate in an interdisciplinary research environment.

    MAJOR EQUIPMENTS: Intellisuite Software for 12 Users | 12 Desktop Lenovo 10ASA