• Engineering Physics Laboratory imparts the necessary theoretical knowledge and technical skills for all the budding Engineers through experiments and laying a strong foundation stone for the future technocrats in the practice of their area of expert. The basic focus in the Engineering Physics Laboratory is to develop scientific temper and encourage students to innovate in assorted technical vicinities for better understanding of technical and engineering problem of day-to-day affairs. The Engineering Physics Laboratory I & II are well ventilated having a floor area of 499 sq.m and 376 sq.m respectively inclusive of store room with cupboards. Both the laboratories can accommodate 120 students each at a stretch. The Laboratory is well organized with required number of apparatus per batch. The experiments prescribed have been carefully planned in cycles so that maximum of 2 students can carry out a single experiment in a given period. Monitoring and explaining the concepts are established through a set of three members of Faculty, two laboratory technicians and attender. Existing experimental arrangements is utilized to substantiate the theory that is being taught in the class during I and II semesters.

  • List of Experiments for Semester I

    S. NO. Name of the experiment
    1 Air Wedge Method: Thickness of a thin wire
    2 Semiconductor Laser: Particle Size
    3 Torsion Pendulum: Rigidity Modulus
    4 Youngs Modulus: Uniform Bending
    5 Youngs Modulus: Non-Uniform Bending
    6 Poiseuilles Method: Viscosity of Liquids
    7 Ultrasonic Interferometer: Liquids Compressibility

    List of Experiments for Semester II

    S. NO. Name of the experiment
    1 Lees Disc Apparatus: Thermal Conductivity
    2 Spectrometer: Wavelength of Visible Spectrum
    3 Energy Band Gap of a Semiconductor
    4 Refractive Index Apparatus: Travelling Microscope
    5 Solar cell : V-I characteristics
    6 B-H curve: Hysteresis of Ferromagnetism
    7 Hall Effect Apparatus: Carrier concentration