Sustainability & Green Initiatives

Sustainability & Green Initiatives

Bannari Amman Institute of Technology has adopted many green cover initiatives, thereby embellishing the eco-friendly ambience of the Campus.

Members of Faculty and students take up various initiatives to save electricity by implementing the outcome of Energy Audits and developing a policy for reducing consumption of electricity.

A number of Green Initiatives have been implemented in the Campus including

i.     Increasing the Green Cover by planting the saplings
ii.    Implementation of Miawaki Method of Planting (Give hyperlink for Miawaki Method)
iii.   Installation of solar heating systems in hostels
iv.   Installation of 1 MWp Solar Power (panels) Generation System
v.    Segregation of organic wastes and biocomposting
vi.   Digestion of Human Wastes for Biogas production
vii.  Rainwater Harvesting

Do You Know?

33% of BIT’s energy demand is met through Solar Power. The Campus is powered by 1000kWp Solar Panels.