• For the ginning of seed cotton one double roller gin is installed. Spinning laboratory is equipped with complete set of spinning machines for the manufacturing of yarn from cotton, cut staple synthetic fibres and their blends. Proto type rotor spinning machine for the production of open end yarns is available. For the production of two ply yarn two for one Twister is available. For the preparation of packages for TFO machine, one set of assembly winder is installed. Lab Area - 44.35 m x 19.81 m

    Major Equipment : Double roller gin Mixing bale opener, Mono cylinder, Step cleaner, Scutcher Condenser, Blow Room, Blow Room Filter Bag unit, Carding LMW C1/3, Trash Analyzer, Sliver Lap Machine, Ribbon Lap Machine Comber E7/4, Draw Frame machine, Speed frame LF1400, Ring frame G5/1, Two for one twister (Vee Jay), Proto type rotor spinning machine, Assembly winder

  • The Weaving Laboratory area of 7216 ft2 is well equipped with conventional to advanced weaving machines for imparting practical training to the students. The weaving machines are fully dismantled for practical training, product development, research works etc. These maintenance equipments and machines are also being used by the in-house and industry. Following are the major equipment and machinery facilities available:

    Major Equipment : Cone Winding Machine,Semi-Automatic Pirn Winding Machine,Power Loom (Terry),Power Loom (jacquard),Power Loom (4*4 Draw Box),Power Loom (4*1 Draw Box),Power Loom (Ordinary),Power Loom (24 Jack)

  • Textile testing laboratory is equipped with instruments to assess the quality parameters of fibres, yarns and fabrics. Instruments for computer color matching and assessment of fastness properties of dyed fabric is also available. Lab Area-41'5'' X 40'5'' sq.m.

    Major Equipment : Wrap Reel,Wrap Block,Twist Tester,Baer Sorter & accessories,Nep Counting Template,Ballistic Tester,Beesley Balance,Bursting Strength Tester,Cloth Abrasion Tester, Fabric Thickness Tester, Yarn Evenness Tester, Digital Auto Span, Fibre Strength Tester Stelometer, Single Thread Strength Tester, Premier Tensomax 7000, Weighing balance (Eureka), Torsion Balance, Fibrospan 900 (Premier), GSM Cutter, Course length tester, Ammonia Drape meter, Tearing strength tester, Computer colour matching, Fibre Len Model MAG FO301, Faby Count Model MAG C1101, Elecstretch - lea strength tester Model MAG YO255, Computwist twist tester MAG YO762, Thickness gauge Model MAG C1001, Universal Strength Tester -Unistretch 250, Surface and Volume Assistance Meter, Fiber Mic XT-Fineness Tester, Yarn Appearance Board Winder-Auto Wind XT, Crimp Tester-ACCU Crimp, Projection Microscope, ASTM Boards-Yarn Appearance, Fiber Length Tester, Sim Stiff-Stiffness Tester, Water Permeability Tester-Accuspray, Nanogin, Air permeability Tester, Snap Tester-MECSNAP

  • Textile chemical processing laboratory is equipped with complete set of laboratory dyeing equipments and some research purpose instruments. Plasma chamber, advanced garment direct printing, sublimation printer and infrared dyeing machines. The laboratory is also equipped with all kind of fastness tester. Lab Area-44.35 m x 19.81 m

    Major Equipment : Laboratory Jigger, Laboratory Padding Mangle,Soft Over Flow dyeing M/c,Lab Setting Curing Chamber,Beaker dyeing M/c,Laboratory Winch,Laboratory Steamer,Light Fastness Tester,Laundro Meter,Digital pH meter,Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate,HTHP cheese package dyeing machine,Plasma Reactor,Environmental Chamber,Centrifuge,Dry Heat Fastness Tester,Flame Retardant Tester,Pneumatic Heat Pressing Machine,Sp Infra Colour Lab Dyeing Machine,Muffle Furnance,Laboratory Garment Dyeing Machine, Colour Matching Cabinet, Epson Direct Garment Printer, Epson Sublimation Printer