Vision and Mission - BIT


  • To reach the highest, the ultimate phase of intellectual development, the zenith of learning - the Omega
  • To walk tall, take on the world with confidence
  • To conquer ignorance and pursue excellence in our goal to always 'Stay Ahead'
  • To draw the strength from the power of the Omega and to create leaders for tomorrow's world


  • To equip the students with sound technical knowledge and skills
  • To offer educational programme with a plethora of innovative concepts for creating a host of talented
  • To foster an open, student oriented culture and perhaps even more important, an understanding of
               students, their needs, goals and aspirations
  • To develop exceptional opportunities for study, research and collaboration of Industry and Institution
               through industry liaison cells, for students to contribute to our nation's economic growth
  • To evolve a friendly face of education with emphasis on engineering, technology and research